• Layer up and stay warm

    Layer up and stay warm

    We know you don’t want to hear about cold weather gear but winter is coming. Also, the Ellsworth Marden’s is freshly stocked with apparel for all. We found dozens of snowsuits for babies. Sizes range from 12 months to 3T. Those are in pink or blue and cost $12.99. Marden’s also has winter coats for

  • Against medical advice

    Against medical advice

    Today’s topic is tick removal. Should you discover one of these malevolent little suckers on a valuable body part, you are instructed by the Department of Public Health to use fine-tipped tweezers to remove it. “Gently pull the tick straight out until it lets go of your skin. Put the tick in a jar or

  • Smart niece, dumb choices

    Dear Carolyn: My accomplished adult niece, 43, has been having an affair with a married man for several years. He is an abusive alcoholic, according to my nephew. Since their mom, my sister, died, I have tried to be as supportive as possible to both of them. The affair is not a secret; she has

  • The magnificent seven

    The magnificent seven

    What is it with the number 7? Is it really lucky? Is it just naturally popular? Does it ignite some primal affinity? We don’t know. All we know is that there are seven dwarfs and seven samurai. And seven sacraments (non-Catholics should skip to the next item). And don’t forget the Seven Wonders of the

  • Boyfriend’s job takes a lot out of him

    Boyfriend’s job takes a lot out of him

    Hi, Carolyn: My boyfriend and I moved in together two months ago. We’re very much in love, and I feel comfortable discussing issues and feelings with him. Although, I have always struggled with bringing up things that make me upset (I’m working with a therapist on this). His job is seasonal, and fall is exceptionally

  • Sweater weather

    Sweater weather

    Despite climate change, a Maine winter still provides plenty of sweater weather. We found cozy pullovers for crisper temperatures at Elizabeth’s at 124 Main St. in downtown Ellsworth. Our favorites were soft, knit V-necks by Wooden Ships. Those come in gunmetal gray or watermelon for $98. Elizabeth’s also has crew-neck pullovers by United Knitwear. One

  • Windy with a chance of succulence

    Windy with a chance of succulence

    The great-grandson of the founder of the Casa Santos Lima winery has more names than a Mississippi deputy sheriff. But winery owner José Luís Santos Lima Oliveira da Silva’s name is standard fare in his native Portugal. Equally true to their native soil is his Bons Ventos red wine blend. The name means “good winds”

  • Husband wants in-laws to butt out

    Husband wants in-laws to butt out

    Hi, Carolyn: Our son-in-law recently lodged a complaint that our daughter shared: that we are “far too involved” in their personal business. It makes him uncomfortable to know his wife talks to her parents about much of their lives. We understand and would happily step back, but are not sure how to accomplish that considering