• Be it ever so humble

    Be it ever so humble

    This traveling salesman goes into a café. He orders runny eggs, burnt toast and weak coffee. The waitress asks why he requests such things. “I’ve been on the road for a few weeks,” he says, “and I am missing my wife’s cooking.” While the joke is not that good, the message is one of our

  • What’s a mother to do?

    What’s a mother to do?

    Hi, Carolyn: Since my kids were born, my job basically covered the cost of day care. The kids came home overtired and overstimulated. As they became preschool age, I restructured my work to freelance so I could drop off and pick up from school, take them to extracurricular activities, and be home more with them.

  • Holiday hub

    Holiday hub

    The Holiday Marketplace in the former J&B Atlantic space on Main Street in Ellsworth is full of holiday accoutrements from ornaments to candles to cards. Brooklin’s Leaf & Anna shop has decorations galore, including glitzy decorated tree ornaments, which we want made into earrings. Leaf & Anna also brought from Brooklin an extensive offering of

  • Fruit of the vine

    Fruit of the vine

    Greetings from Norman, Oklahoma, birthplace of the actor James Garner and, more significantly, of our first grandchild, Jane Darling. Our recent visit to the Sooner State was rich in firsts: First grandkid, first visit to a mega-church, first experience of Pop’s Route 66 Soda Ranch (identifiable by the 66-foot soda bottle out front), first Oklahoma