Maine Dish

  • Tender morsels with a spicy twist

    Tender morsels with a spicy twist

    One of the delights of working in the food business is the wide variety of folks you meet; dedicated farmers, steadfast fishers, enthusiastic foragers and adventuresome eaters. When I had a restaurant and catering company in Bangor, one of the most memorable meals I cooked was a dinner for the Physicians for Social Responsibility hosted

  • Wild about warm mushroom salad

    Wild about warm mushroom salad

    A recent field trip down the western side on Penobscot Bay to Portland convinced me that although the weather outside has been frightful, the longer days of spring mean more Maine-produced food. Chickens and ducks are laying, hoop houses are filled with tender greens and tomato seedlings, goats are kidding, cows are calving, cheese is

  • Sweet potato sandwich pops with flavor

    Sweet potato sandwich pops with flavor

    The March issue of Bon Appetit magazine features several pages that are devoted to how to build a finely crafted sandwich. It’s the architecture that makes it sing … the balance of flavors and textures. If seeing is a prelude to eating, the photographs of Green Goddess Tuna Salad, an open-faced Scandinavian smorrebrod and Fried

  • Sweet on sweet potato muffins

    Sweet on sweet potato muffins

    I have an affinity for freshly baked muffins. At the very inkling of dawn, I love to turn on the oven, assemble ingredients and mix up a batch. The kind of muffin varies, and is highly dependent upon the ingredients on hand. Frozen wild blueberries or raspberries are family favorites, along with chopped apple, pumpkin

  • Bologna’s pride: Bolognese sauce

    Bologna’s pride: Bolognese sauce

    Every cuisine has its signature sauce, and the staple of northern Italy’s Bologna is a thick, full-bodied meat sauce. Ragu, as the Bolognese call their celebrated sauce, is characterized by a mellow, gentle, comfortable flavor that marries gastronomically well with a broad noodle slightly wider than fettuccine known as tagliatelle. In her book “Essentials of

  • Culinary comfort in a bowl

    Culinary comfort in a bowl

    A whirlwind visit to Hong Kong and the rush of the holidays had me yearning for the comforts of food. It had to be soup: simple, hot, fragrant, bone-building, spicy and creamy …. a cup that restoreth the culinary soul. For a while I ate turkey stock boiled with thin slices of carrots and laced

  • Feast on sea scallops in Mornay sauce

    Feast on sea scallops in Mornay sauce

    There are dozens of delicious scallop casserole recipes, but baked scallops in Mornay sauce is a family favorite. Perfect for entertaining, this dish can be assembled as early as a day in advance, and then cooked right before serving. For an elegant supper, I like to bake and serve the casserole in individual dishes, even