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  • Culinary comfort in a bowl

    Culinary comfort in a bowl

    A whirlwind visit to Hong Kong and the rush of the holidays had me yearning for the comforts of food. It had to be soup: simple, hot, fragrant, bone-building, spicy and creamy …. a cup that restoreth the culinary soul. For a while I ate turkey stock boiled with thin slices of carrots and laced

  • Feast on sea scallops in Mornay sauce

    Feast on sea scallops in Mornay sauce

    There are dozens of delicious scallop casserole recipes, but baked scallops in Mornay sauce is a family favorite. Perfect for entertaining, this dish can be assembled as early as a day in advance, and then cooked right before serving. For an elegant supper, I like to bake and serve the casserole in individual dishes, even

  • Norway’s Crocker family still concocting plum puddings

    Norway’s Crocker family still concocting plum puddings

    Every family has its culinary Christmas traditions; the classic chocolate roll cake buche de Noel, warm and fragrant mulled wine, spiced pfeffernusse cookies, crunchy, sweet baklava and savory Swedish meatballs. Often passed down from generations, these treasured recipes are a glimpse into the traditions or cultural role that food plays in our lives. Food historians

  • See ya pizza, this dough is for calzones

    See ya pizza, this dough is for calzones

    Since the “hurricane storm,” calzones, a stuffed, half-moon shaped pie, have become a regular menu item in our house. The dough, really just pizza dough, can be purchased at most markets in the frozen food section. The fillings, things like savory sausages, ground meats, spicy robust sauces, cheeses and fresh chopped veggies, are easily adapted

  • Draw warmth from lobster corn chowder

    Draw warmth from lobster corn chowder

    There’s nothing like a driving rain and gale force winds to whet one’s appetite for a hot chowder. Just imagine the comfort of wrapping your hand around a warm mug and inhaling the earthy, steamy aroma of the broth. With your spoon, slowly savor the creamy taste on your tongue, gently chew the perfectly cooked

  • Spicing up cauliflower Buffalo-style

    Spicing up cauliflower Buffalo-style

    There are many legends in the foodie world, and one of them is Buffalo wings. Conceived in 1964, this popular bar food of chicken wings in a greasy, finger-staining, spicy sauce was the brainchild of Teressa Bellissimo of Buffalo, N.Y. The perfect accompaniment to the third glass of beer (particularly when watching the Sox or

  • Apple crisp is season’s comfort food

    Apple crisp is season’s comfort food

    Thanks to our early ancestors and dedicated heritage apple saviors, we can enjoy the subtle flavors, textures and aromas of dozens of varieties of America’s favorite fruit: apples. Bright red apples made into delicate pink sauce, cinnamon-flecked apples in pies or crisps, tart apples for snacks, and freshly pressed apples in tangy cider. There are

  • Peaches made for grilling

    Peaches made for grilling

    There is an abundance of fruit this fall, and when my friend Deb Suran needed some help processing over 50 pounds of peaches, I was happy to oblige. Intensely fragrant, perfectly ripe, sweet and juicy, with velvety, red-blushed skin and soft orange flesh, peaches are the third most popular fruit in America (right behind apples