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  • Enjoy eating light at night

    Enjoy eating light at night

    The nutritionist Adelle Davis once said that we should eat breakfast like a king, lunch like a prince and dinner like a pauper. Because of today’s schedules, most people reverse that order, grabbing a quick bite before work, a sandwich on their lunch break and a full dinner at night, when everyone is home and

  • Beet your sweet tooth

    Beet your sweet tooth

    If you have a sweet tooth, you’re in trouble. The news has finally caught up with the facts: Refined sugar is not good for you, and Americans eat way too much of it. It’s hidden in all sorts of prepared foods where you’d never expect to find it. Check the ingredients lists on cans, boxes,

  • Spring flowers in a dark season

    Spring flowers in a dark season

    As a vegetable gardener, I keep a mental scorecard that compares what I grow with what I can buy in the store. Fresh tomatoes in January? The store wins, though its thick-skinned southern imports don’t get high points for flavor. In midsummer, when my homegrown bean pods are bulging with tender, quick-cooking shell beans, I

  • Home is where the hearth is

    Home is where the hearth is

    “Your motherboard is shot,” the repairman said, shutting the door to my electric oven and gathering his tools. What a cozy word, I thought, for the complex electronic object that no longer governed my stove. “Eight years,” he explained, “is about the lifetime of this appliance. You’re lucky it made it to 10.” At moments

  • Out of chaos comes order

    Out of chaos comes order

    The post-holiday season in our household is full of quiet celebrations, which can be as joyous as the noisier ones. Aflame with the spirit of cleaning up, clearing out and simplifying, we attack cluttered desks, overstuffed closets and any area that has the feng shui of a blocked artery. Last January, in a Marie Kondo

  • For the love of rosemary

    For the love of rosemary

    A gardener’s resolutions, as the new year begins, are modest ones. The world will not end if a lawn isn’t mowed on schedule, though it will grow better if it is. There is no crime in growing too many tomato seedlings, even though the time could be better spent. Nevertheless, a promise to do better

  • Explore the kingdom of cabbages

    Explore the kingdom of cabbages

    The 2017 seed catalogs that started to trickle in before Thanksgiving seemed as premature as the jingly caps on checkout elves at Walmart. We were still harvesting the last of the cabbages to put into winter storage. Why would we want to think about what’s being offered for spring? Because we were curious, and because