Gone Shopping

  • It’s sweater weather

    Fall attire is tricky. There’s frost on the pumpkin in the morning, but afternoons are often sunny and warm. Lightweight sweaters without buttons, which one can easily peel off, are one solution. We found several cardigans at Renys in Ellsworth, including a long-sleeve black cotton blend for $9.99. Those come in small, medium and large.

  • For your senses

    Riverlily, the bastion of all things fabulous for you and your home in Cherryfield, has relocated to downtown Milbridge. P.J. and Jeff Trowell opened in the new location at 14 Main St. on May 1. The Trowells call their shop “A Store for the Senses.” You can find jewelry, socks, scarves, Peeper’s reading glasses, bath

  • Kids’ gifts to take home

    Kids’ gifts to take home

    Some of our favorite gifts from Maine before we grew up and moved here include a giant wool sweater with a sailboat stitched on the front and a beaded necklace with a carved bear pendant. Are you here vacationing and in need of a gift to bring back for children or grandchildren? There are lots

  • Summer made easier

    Summer made easier

    It’s summertime and dressing should be easy, which means it’s a great time to pull out your dresses. Pull a dress over your head and you’re done. No mixing and matching or looking for that top or that skirt. News reporter Taylor Bigler found a number of dresses at Moody Mermaid in Southwest Harbor. She

  • Summer in a hat

    Summer in a hat

    Our most used accessory this summer is a straw hat we found last month at Nice Twice on Route 1A. We love it and wear it in the garden, on the beach and even out walking. It’s casual but stylish. Even better, this hat makes working outside in hot sun so much more comfortable. Nice

  • Floor it!

    Three Wishes is open for the season and chock-full of accessories for your home and self. We were especially taken with the Blue Hill boutique’s vinyl mats — something we never thought we’d say. But, owners Samantha Politte and Kim Williamson have discovered Beija Flor, which produces mats that have the look of decorator tiles.

  • Oh the places you’ll go

    We are nearing 50. Looking back, we remember family road trips, when our entertainment was paper and pencil. There might be a book of Mad Libs for really long trips. If you’d like to wrench the iPhone or tablet from your children’s fingers for a little while, stop at Union River Book & Toy Co.

  • It’s drying time

    It’s drying time

    While the days may have momentarily turned cool and cloudy, beach weather will be upon us before you know it. So, we need beach towels. You don’t want to drag nice bath towels to the shore. You never really get all the sand out of them. Luckily, Marden’s in Ellsworth has a plethora, as in

  • A different stripe

    A different stripe

    At a recent gardening workshop held at the Blue Hill Public Library, half of the women in the audience were wearing striped T-shirts — mainly navy and white. The striped ladies looked spot-on and everyone seemed to style their tops a bit differently, whether with jeans, slacks or skirts. If you are lacking this must-have

  • Snazzy Janell’s Bags arrive Downeast

    Snazzy Janell’s Bags arrive Downeast

    The smartest men we know say the path to prosperity is through manufacturing. We are pleased to report a Newport family is manufacturing leather handbags. Even better, Janell’s Bags are for sale in Ellsworth at Curtis Family Shoe and in Blue Hill at SaraSara’s. Janell Fox designs and sews the purses using Maine made leather.