Gone Shopping

  • A different stripe

    A different stripe

    At a recent gardening workshop held at the Blue Hill Public Library, half of the women in the audience were wearing striped T-shirts — mainly navy and white. The striped ladies looked spot-on and everyone seemed to style their tops a bit differently, whether with jeans, slacks or skirts. If you are lacking this must-have

  • Snazzy Janell’s Bags arrive Downeast

    Snazzy Janell’s Bags arrive Downeast

    The smartest men we know say the path to prosperity is through manufacturing. We are pleased to report a Newport family is manufacturing leather handbags. Even better, Janell’s Bags are for sale in Ellsworth at Curtis Family Shoe and in Blue Hill at SaraSara’s. Janell Fox designs and sews the purses using Maine made leather.

  • Bug off!

    Bug off!

    Spring is here, which marks the beginning of serious bug/mosquito/black fly warfare in Maine. Citronella candles strewn over porches and patios should help, as should mesh mosquito hats and blazing torches. F.T. Brown Hardware in Northeast Harbor is one source for citronella candles in fun vases. Brown’s stocks citronella candles in metal galvanized buckets —

  • What’s what?

    What’s what?

    We play a little game with our spouse. It’s called sow seeds in the garden and forget to mark what we planted where. It keeps our relationship exciting. But no more. This year, we vow to mark everything. Salsbury Hardware and Organic Garden Center in Town Hill, which is marking its 35th year, offers a

  • Make Mom’s day!

    Make Mom’s day!

    We probably don’t need to tell you that gifting season is here. You know, Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, graduations, weddings, baby showers. Wait, maybe it’s always gifting season. SevenArts, a cooperative gallery featuring Maine artists, tucked in a corner of Flexit on Main Street is chock-full of lovely and useful items for you to give

  • One-stop shop

    One-stop shop

    There are just so many offerings at The Kimball Shop in Northeast Harbor that 24 hours after our visit, we still had a bit of sensory overwhelm. So, when you go and you really, should, plan to spend at least an hour or two at the Main Street shop. Owner Nancy Ho has thoughtfully laid

  • Bead attitude

    Bead attitude

    Do you need a little color in your life for this last stretch before springtime well and truly sets? May we suggest you pop into Blossom Studio on Main Street in Blue Hill for a pair of vibrant glass bead earrings, which start at $10, or a bracelet, which start at $20? Jewelry maker Sihaya

  • Got a glove?

    Got a glove?

    Baseball season starts Sunday for everyone but us. Did you ever see that ’90s television comedy “Frasier?” To borrow a quote from character Dr. Niles Crane, the only thing we are skilled at catching is sarcastic nuance and the occasional virus. However, one of our Stonington readers was in need of a baseball mitt, so

  • Like spring, proms just around the corner

    Like spring, proms just around the corner

    Once again, Marden’s rescues the wallets of mothers and fathers during the impending prom season. The Ellsworth Marden’s has several prom dresses for $39.99 and under. We found several gorgeous dresses, including a black and white knee-length gown with tulle for $29.99. If knee-length is not formal enough for you, perhaps you’re expecting a crown,

  • Seedy shopping

    Seedy shopping

    New England is fine, but good things do hail from the Midwest, specifically Missouri. Three award-winning Ellsworth American staffers were grown in Missouri, which is also the home of Baker Creek Heirloom Seed Co. seeds. Baker Creek carries one of the largest selections of seeds from the 19th century. Founder Jere Gettle, 34 years old,

  • Joy of knitting

    Joy of knitting

    We asked you, dear readers, in the Jan. 21 “Gone Shopping” column about the yarn and fibers that you use and to send us photos of your winter projects. Reader Camille Boisvert of Gouldsboro shared shots of a lavender cardigan she’s in the midst of knitting. “It is a cardigan sweater pattern from Vogue Knitting,”

  • Grip it

    Grip it

    Are you one of the thousands of Mainers who suffers from a futon cushion, which is always slipping off the frame? The American’s own Circulation Manager Deborah Tucker was suffering that fate too. That is until she wandered into J&B Atlantic on Main Street and shared her woes with the staff, which had a solution