Gone Shopping

  • Spring dresses have sprung

    Spring dresses have sprung

    June graduations and weddings are just two months away. You can save yourself hassle by shopping early for outfits when there are still choices and sizes available. A rack of spring dresses, many in nautical stripes, cried out to us at T.J. Maxx. We succumbed to a long-sleeve, knee-length navy and white striped number by

  • Get a leg up

    Get a leg up

    Have you ever seen a white crocodile? We do whenever we gaze at our naked legs, which are scaly and white thanks to winter weather coupled with dehydration. We’ve begun applying a thin layer of petroleum before lathering on moisturizer. The petroleum serves as a crumb coat for the skin. If there was a beach

  • Mark-downs at Marden’s

    Mark-downs at Marden’s

    Generous people spill their fashion sources. We compare it to that saying, “A rising tide lifts all boats,” only for outfits. So, when we were admiring Ellsworth resident Jeni Webber’s pink cardigan, she told us to get to Marden’s, where she’d found the cardigan for a song. We did go to Marden’s and we got

  • Cold comfort

    Cold comfort

    We are cold; not chilled, but the kind of cold where we live with a wool cap on our scalp 24/7. We were inspired to hear tell of an Ellsworth woman who works in a local office with a heating pad on her lap. We would probably spill a bottle of water and get an

  • Sales sleuthing at TJ’s

    Sales sleuthing at TJ’s

    It’s that time of year when stores host final clearance sales to make room for spring merchandise. The Ellsworth American’s circulation manager Deborah Tucker found a gray sweater coat by Philosophy for $15 and a poncho in a black and white check pattern, also $15. If you go, look for yellow “final clearance” signs hanging

  • Cheap but chic

    Cheap but chic

    Don’t worry about that big department store up north closing. We have our own department store in Blue Hill in The Turn-Style Thrift Shop. We stopped in this week and found so many good things, including a black, sleeveless rayon blouse to wear this summer with white jeans. That little number is by Chico’s and

  • Sweet talk

    Sweet talk

    Have you started to make handmade Valentine’s Day candy for your loved ones? Get on it. We always need a few trial-and-error batches when trying to make something using hot sugar. We found everything we need to make — or try to make — homemade caramels, marshmallows and more at Rooster Brother on Main Street

  • Cold comfort

    Cold comfort

    A dear, respected colleague is a rabid — I mean avid — runner. She confessed to running no matter the weather, even in last week’s sub-zero degree mornings. So, we thought that you, dear reader, might like to start running in the cold. You know, it being January and the time for fresh starts. We

  • Shop on Main

    Shop on Main

    When God closes one door, he opens another. Bangor is mourning the impending loss of Macy’s. Meanwhile, Ellsworth shoppers are cheering Elizabeth Hilts. The Hancock landscaper/boutique owner has decided to, temporarily at least, move her Hancock boutique to the former Grasshopper Shop location on Main Street in Ellsworth. First, you should know that Hilts only

  • Gone Shopping: Stop and shop!

    Gone Shopping: Stop and shop!

    Ellsworth’s former Grasshopper Shop has been transformed into a festive holiday bazaar where shoppers can splurge and buy a scrumptious cookie to munch on while browsing pop-up shops’ fine goods. Elizabeth Hilts, who owns Hilts Landscaping/Elizabeth’s boutique in Hancock, is among the vendors who have set up shop in the Holiday Marketplace at the corner

  • Gone Shopping: Fill your cup

    Gone Shopping: Fill your cup

    You might want something green to display on a table or windowsill next month after you’ve removed the holiday frippery. Or maybe you’re looking for a gift that keeps on giving. In either case, we were thrilled to find succulents growing in teacups at The Rock and Art Shop on Main Street in Ellsworth. A