Gone Shopping

  • Have a ball

    Have a ball

    Maine Coast Memorial Hospital’s annual Poinsettia Ball is fast approaching. Do you know where your gown is? If you’re planning to go all Cinderella with a floor-length gown and elbow-length gloves, we can’t help you. However, we found several knee-length cocktail dresses at T.J. Maxx. We found a strapless blue number for $49.99 made by

  • Tie one on

    Tie one on

    Fall is a time for scarves and Three Wishes in Blue Hill has one just right for everyone. We found striped scarves in muted fall colors, which would look sharp with a denim blouse. Those were $24.95. We also found silk scarves, including one in a heavenly blue ombre. If you’re more of a cotton

  • Fashionably warm

    Fashionably warm

    We were in college before our parents traveled to Maine without dragging us along. They did bring back for us a hand-knit, oversized, wool, cream-colored sweater with a giant purple and blue sailboat design. We loved it and wore it on the coldest of days for the next 23 years. In a fit of generosity

  • Into the jean pool

    Into the jean pool

    Is there anything better than a man in a great pair of blue jeans? Wait. Yes, there is. How about a denim-clad man washing dishes or cooking dinner? We can’t help you lead a man to the sink or the stove, but we can help you find him some jeans. We found several styles of

  • In disguise

    In disguise

    It’s nearly Halloween, that magical time of year when little boys can be pirates and cowboys and little girls can become cheerleaders and queens of the realm. T. J. Maxx had purple velvet Queen dresses, complete with hoop and tulle, for $29.99. Those also came in a burgundy with a gold scepter for “knighting” the

  • Sock it to ’em

    Sock it to ’em

    We are nearly out of socks. We have perhaps three pairs between us and our middle-school child. None match. We blame the Labrador, who we’re sure eats socks when we’re not looking. We blame our chickens, who we suspect have snatched socks from the clothesline to fashion tiny scarves and hats for winter. But, it’s

  • Nails for fall

    Nails for fall

    Fall is the time to show off your manicure because likely your toes are covered by shoes. We were bowled over by a photo of Blue Hill banker Bonnie Marckoon’s sparkly, manicured fingers. Hubby Stu snapped the pic while she was holding an acorn on a Vermont trip. What we like about Marckoon’s manicure is

  • Tighten up!

    Tighten up!

    When the bloom is off the rose and a summer tan is off your legs, it is tights season. We found tights at The Grasshopper Shop in Ellsworth and at The Village Emporium in Bar Harbor. Grasshopper carries microfiber tights by Davco for $14.95 and cotton sweater tights by MeMoi for $24.95. The Davco are

  • Winter warmers

    Winter warmers

    The frost is nearly on the pumpkin, so we must be ready to bundle up. We have such a long list this year, we thought we better hit resale shops first. The long underwear in our lingerie drawer is full of holes. We discovered last winter that to effectively block out icy wind, long underwear