Stay warmer this winter by putting heated things on your body like heating pads, foot warmers, hand warmers and the like. Supplement with hot beverages from downtown purveyors including Rooster Brother, John Edwards Market, Flexit Bakery & Café, Finn’s the Riverside Café and 86 This, which has hot coffee and cookies. STOCK SNAP CREATIVE COMMONS PHOTO

Cold comfort

We are cold; not chilled, but the kind of cold where we live with a wool cap on our scalp 24/7.

We were inspired to hear tell of an Ellsworth woman who works in a local office with a heating pad on her lap.

We would probably spill a bottle of water and get an electrical shock if we tried it. But, if you want to try a heating pad, we found them at Renys. They are $14.99 and made by Conair. You’ll find them over in the toiletries section.

We also found knit neck pillows, stuffed with flaxseed, which have been scented with cinnamon, clove and eucalyptus. You can warm the pillows in the microwave in 30-second increments before wrapping them around your neck.

If you need something to warm you while you’re on the move, there are Yak Trax toe warmers, hand warmers and body warmers for 99 cents a package. Those are also at Renys in the checkout aisles.

These are similar to the HotHands brand of foot and hand warmers, which Renys also carries.

The Yak Trax body warmers claim to keep warm for 18 hours. We want to end that sentence with 18 exclamation points.

Renys also carries the Yak Trax Adventure Pack, which includes 2 of each type of warmers: toe, hand and body for $5.99.


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Jennifer Osborn

Jennifer Osborn

Reporter and columnist at The Ellsworth American
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