• For the wine snob who has everything

    For the wine snob who has everything

    No self-respecting wine enthusiast would so much as leave the house without his electric corkscrew, aerator, bottle stoppers and pourers, preservation pumps and label savers. We are thusly outfitted, which is to say, all our needs are met. Then, a kind lady gave us a wine purse. We didn’t know what to say. It was

  • Yes, it’s OK to drink white after Labor Day

    Yes, it’s OK to drink white after Labor Day

    The truncated days of autumn are upon us. The bracing morning air is brisk and enlivening and Nature’s brush has introduced graceful tones of red, yellow and orange to the undulating leaves of the abiding oak. Boo hoo. Summer turns to bummer and it’s practically winter. Out come the boots, long johns, snow shovels, windshield

  • Watch the birdie

    Watch the birdie

    In fourth grade, we were caught giving the finger to our best friend, David Larkin. Yes, the middle finger. Our older brother had recently schooled us in the art of evocative hand gestures. David Larkin already was up to speed so the two of us flipped one another off the moment Sister Francis Marie turned

  • Support your local stripper

    Support your local stripper

    As a gift of love to our highly deserving spousal unit, we offered to strip the wallpaper in the bedroom whilst she was away engaged in granddaughter worship. The wallpaper was old, peeling in places and butt ugly. Thus was our gesture a handsome one. Also, a dumb one. For this is the most difficult,

  • Sacramental wine

    Sacramental wine

    Several years ago, we decided to take up cross-country skiing. It sounded like a good way to get outside. We shared our interest with a friend who spent much of each winter on the boards, gliding through forests. He applauded our interest. But first, he said, you must learn how to wax your skis. He

  • It’s all fun and games until the wine runs out

    It’s all fun and games until the wine runs out

    The annual Woodlawn wine tasting is proof that life is not fair. The private event is convened to select the proper wines to serve next month at the Woodlawn Antiques Show’s opening night party. Board members, Woodlawn staff and wine groupies are invited to participate in this Darwinian exercise wherein we decide which wines shall

  • Truly, madly, deeply

    Truly, madly, deeply

    Monogamy has been good to us. Dependable, steady. The highs aren’t the highest, it’s true, but the lows aren’t as low as they could be. It’s affordable and only occasionally surprising. All of which goes to explain why we found Menage à Trois so enticing. One little try and you ask, “Can this be legal?”

  • Ode to a summer wine

    Ode to a summer wine

    The most refreshing summer wine (So says the vineyard wonk) Is not rosé or chardonnay It’s sauvignon … blanc.   New Zealand has the finest grapes Unless you’re hooked on plonk And Nobilo Icon The vintage to strike on: A marvelous sauvignon blanc.   Structured, full-bodied and balanced It’s herbal and yet extra fruity The