• The votes are in

    The votes are in

    Did you have, like, a gazillion fruit flies this summer? We sure did. Had to take out the compost three times a day. Finally stowed the fruit bowl in a cupboard. Little brats even came in for a landing in our wine glass a few times. Eww. Speaking of wine: from the start, we were

  • Red eye

    Red eye

    The stranger had come up the trail from Texas, leaving Kiowa country for the high chaparral. He nosed his mare up the mud-churned Main Street, past the drover’s cottage and the land office. As unhurried as the longhorns he’d passed bedded on the short grass by the depot, he raised his eyes to the mound

  • In the name of goth

    In the name of goth

    We applied black lipstick and dark eyeliner as we prepared to experience the Gothic fury of Apothic Dark. The heavy chains draped around our neck cascaded formidably over our sleeveless, black, leather vest. We lit a candle, sacrificed a raven and filled flagon with the blood red potion. Gazing upon the gloomy, gray-on-black label, you’d

  • Red Whine

    Red Whine

    Refrigerators, knees and automobile electrical systems have one thing in common: once they start to go south they cannot be fixed. Ever. Our fridge started freezing the lettuce last year. We called the repair guy and he adjusted something with the result that we had frozen yogurt to go with our frozen lettuce. More visits

  • Inspiration


    You’ve been there: It’s Thursday and your night to make dinner and nothing sounds appetizing. Burgers? Dull and, besides, we had burgers and fries Monday. Shepherd’s pie? Too heavy. Pizza? Had it for lunch. Barbecue? Had it all weekend and have the arteries to prove it. Chinese? Maybe, but we never get the stir fry