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  • On my own and lovin’ it

    On my own and lovin’ it

    Dear Carolyn: I’m single. I’ve been single my entire 60 years. I travel alone most of the time, yes, even on vacation. I’m sick of people being shocked that I drove cross-country twice alone. I’m sick of people giving me odd looks and telling me, “Your day will come,” when I am alone on vacation,

  • Wild about warm mushroom salad

    Wild about warm mushroom salad

    A recent field trip down the western side on Penobscot Bay to Portland convinced me that although the weather outside has been frightful, the longer days of spring mean more Maine-produced food. Chickens and ducks are laying, hoop houses are filled with tender greens and tomato seedlings, goats are kidding, cows are calving, cheese is

  • Try to remember

    Try to remember

    The news last month that Harvey Schmidt had died sent us down one of the sweeter byways off Memory Lane. Mr. Schmidt, 88, and his pal Tom Jones wrote the world’s longest-running musical, “The Fantasticks.” It opened in 1960 at the Sullivan Street Playhouse in Greenwich Village and ran for 17,162 performances. You’ve seen it,