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  • Tarting it up

    Tarting it up

    Our household eats foods seasonally, and the winter diet of root vegetables gets quite long. So, I am quite excited in the spring to spot clumps of fresh chives, purple asparagus tips and the dark green leaves of rhubarb starting to unfold. Something new to cook! Botanically speaking, rhubarb is classified as a vegetable, although

  • Kitchen Garden: Taste of spring

    Kitchen Garden: Taste of spring

    Can taste buds have spring fever? Most gardeners have caught what Emily Dickinson called “A Little Madness in the Spring.” They’re salivating over catalog descriptions of juicy tomatoes and melons as their windowsills overflow with seedlings. In the old days, this period was called the “hungry gap.” Produce in the root cellar had seen better

  • Tuscan vegetable soup’s on!

    Tuscan vegetable soup’s on!

    In many households, the lengthening daylight hours herald the time to do some major cleaning. This age-old ritual of “spring cleaning” is rooted in religious and cultural traditions and linked to the biology of how humans are wired. In the Jewish custom, the home is cleaned before Passover, while Christians clean the altar before Good

  • Egg chowder makes late-winter warmup

    Egg chowder makes late-winter warmup

    By Merry Post Special to The Ellsworth American It would be easy to ridicule the accomplishments of the temperance movement and its earnest reformers. Even when the temperance movement was at its peak of popularity, songs such as “The Lips That Touch Liquor Shall Never Touch Mine” were lampooned. National prohibition lasted for 13 years

  • Cook once, eat twice or more

    Cook once, eat twice or more

    In her seminal book “The Way to Cook,” Julia Child writes that “while attitudes about food have changed, fortunately the principles of good cooking have not. The more one knows about it, the less mystery there is, the faster cooking becomes, the easier it is to be creative … and the more pleasure one has

  • The Golden Retriever Man

    The Golden Retriever Man

    Fly fishermen are no dummies. At a fly shop, a bright, buggy-looking fly may wind up in the angler’s shopping cart, but it had better perform out there on the water. Sometimes it does; sometimes it doesn’t. Yes sir, the proof is in the pudding. These days Maine fly fishermen flock to one particular artificial