Children’s book release to support Ukraine war relief

COREA — Writer and illustrator Sonny Dean, whose grandmother was a World War II refugee, is the author of “We Stand With Ukraine: One Equals Many” (Little Lambda Books), a children’s picture book that is being released to support the United Nations’ relief effort in Ukraine. All proceeds will be donated to that cause.

“We Stand with Ukraine: One Equals Many” illustrates the power each of us has to change the world,” the publishers say. “With examples from the Carpathian Mountains and the Black Sea, to the Ukrainian National Anthem, this simple, yet powerful book shows children just how large of an impact we can have when we work together.”

Dean, the granddaughter of a WWII refugee, saw the atrocities occurring in the invasion of Ukraine and approached the small Maine publishing house about doing a book as a fundraiser.

“The horror of what is happening in Ukraine is all too familiar. My grandmother grew up in Poland, on the other side of the Carpathian Mountains from Ukraine. As a teenager at the start of WWII she had to leave her family and everything she had ever known with just a few hours’ notice to avoid being taken to a forced labor camp,” Dean wrote. “My grandmother spent nearly a decade not knowing if her family members were alive or dead, and she never got to see them again. She struggled her whole life with that trauma and yet she was one of the extremely lucky ones. What she went through over eight decades ago echoes through the lives of her children and grandchildren to this day. I can’t help but think of the many millions of people and generations not yet born whose lives are being ripped apart by this atrocity.”

Dean is the author and illustrator of “The Yellow Square of Stonewall,” “Iris and the Virus,” “One Equals Many” and “Jean and the Vaccine.” She lives in Maine in a cottage by the sea, surrounded by a forest filled with an astonishing assortment of interesting creatures. She fled a successful career in corporate marketing to tell the stories that she would have liked to have read as a child. When she is not writing or drawing (or daydreaming), she can be found enjoying nature with her family, exploring museums or curled up on her window seat with a towering heap of good books.

“We Stand With Ukraine: One Equals Many” ($15.62, paperback) is available in all formats online and at independent bookstores. For more info about the publisher, go to

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