Where’s the Excitement?

NASCAR and ESPN are constantly talking about what it will take to regain the number of television viewers who have left the sport.

There have been many statements made by both parties about race starting times, the Chase, the Car of Tomorrow and several other factors that have caused the sport to lose viewers.

If they were to ask me, I’d tell them it’s the lack of excitement during the races.

I make my living writing about NASCAR, but yesterday I became painfully aware of how much NASCAR racing has lost its lustre.

I enjoy watching college football. Last Saturday night there were two games on at the same time, LSU against Florida, and Auburn versus Kentucky. Both games went right down to the wire. The outcome of neither game was decided until the last eight seconds.

Watching these four teams play kept me on edge. They were so packed with action, that I constantly switched channels to catch as much of the action of each as possible.

Both had thrilling, exciting finishes.

They grabbed my emotions.


Here were groups of young men putting forth individual effort. Each trying to give his best.

NASCAR racing, on the other hand, is about a set of polished drivers piloting a mechanical machine around a set course with a backup of 40-50 other people, and a multimillion-dollar budget.

Big-time racing used to be about individual effort, but that went out the window when it succumbed to Corporate America’s greed.

I will continue to faithfully write about NASCAR, but until it can reach me emotionally, it can never be number one.

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