Bowyer Takes Nationwide Race

While Clint Bowyer was celebrating his second Nationwide Series win of the year, Denny Hamlin and Brad Keselowski were having a different kind of celebration.

The two drivers had an earlier racing incident where Hamlin was spun out by Keselowski, who went on to finish third.

When Keselowski climbed from his car after the race, he was greeted by Hamlin.

“I wanted to talk with him,” said Hamlin. “He needs some sort of guidance. He’s got a ton of talent, and if he can harness it, he will win a ton of races.”

After exchanging words, Hamlin shoved Keselowski, and then members of both pit crews intervened to stop further physical contact.

Keselowski said the problem was all because of Hamlin.

“He cut me off like he always does,” said Keselowski. “I either had to hit the brakes, move down into the infield or hold my position. I chose to hold my spot, and he came down on me.”

Top 10 Nationwide Series leaders after 28 of 35: 1. Kyle Busch-4,549, 2. Edwards-4,338, 3. Keselowski-4,252, 4. Leffler-3,749, 5. S. Wallace-3,259, 6. Allgaier-3,240, 7. Keller-3,125, 8. Bliss-3,120, 9. Gaughan-3,063, 10. McDowell-2,978.

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