Olive (Andrea Gabel-Richards) takes Florence (left), played by Kathy McGlinchey, under her wing when the absent Trivial Pursuit player finally shows up. As different as night and day, the two spat back and forth about everything in life. PHOTOS BY KATHY MASSIMINI

The gang’s all girls

From left, Theodore Dumas and Daniel Clement portray the Spanish “amigos” of Florence (Kathy McGlinchey) and Olive (Andrea Gabel-Richards) in Lamoine Community Arts’ fall production of Neil Simon’s comedy “The Odd Couple, Female Version.”

LAMOINE — Lamoine Community Theatre will stage Neil Simon’s “The Odd Couple, Female Version,revolving around Vera, Mickey, Sylvie and Renee, who play Trivial Pursuit in Olive’s unkempt apartment in New York City, Friday-Saturday, Oct. 25-26, and Friday-Saturday, Nov. 1-2, at 7 p.m. and at 3 p.m. Sunday, Nov. 3, at the Lamoine Grange Hall.

Neil Simon doesn’t miss a beat in poking fun at the love-hate, misconceived, and upside down relationships between women and men while engendering laughter every step of the way during his alt-fem version of “The Odd Couple.”

LCA’s Wynne Guglielmo, with Carol Duffy assisting, is directing the play. Anne Stocking is the producer. Carol Korty assisted with blocking and movement as the actors portray the twists and bends of how women cope with each other, think about and understand men and picture themselves in a topsy-turvy world of human creation and development.

In “The Odd Couple, Female Version,presented by special arrangement with Samuel French Inc., a Concord Theatricals company, Anne Stocking plays Vera, Carol Mason is Mickey (the police), Andrea Gabel-Richards is Olive, Robin Veysey has the role of Renee and Lolly Lovett is Sylvie.

In Simon’s second “Odd Couple,” the women   banter back and forth and chide each other as they do every Friday evening.  Only their friend Florence is missing from this motley group of women and soon they discover why — Sidney has told Florence that he wants a divorce!

Carol Mason as Mickey (left) thrusts her police badge at Sylvie (Lolly Lovett) when the Trivial Pursuit group considers calling the police to look into Florence’s disappearance.

Of course, the girls think the worst about Florence’s Friday night absence and vociferously carry on about her state of mind.  Should they call the police?  Renee informs them that “you’ve got to be missing for 48 hours before you’re missing” and Mickey reminds them that she is the police.

The women complain about Olive serving weeks-old sandwiches and drinks.  They quip about their husbands, some thinking that Olive is lucky to be unfettered and free of her ex-, although he still calls her when he needs money.  All the while they continue playing Trivial Pursuit and missing Florence, on whom they rely to answer the film and actor questions.  Where is she?

Olive takes Florence into her apartment and under her wing when the pseudo-calm but off-the-rails Trivial Pursuit player finally shows up. As different as night and day, the two spat back and forth about everything in life while their other four friends and two Spanish brothers living in Olive’s apartment building lend ineffectual and dizzying help.

As Florence gives her apartment a cleansing makeover, Olive decides that they need men in their lives and invites the debonair Manolo and Jesus for dinner.  The gentlemen interweave their English and Spanish dialects to charm the odd couple duo with their current American lives and ex-Spanish wives.

Come join six women of every shape, size, and abnormal demeanor along with Olive’s “amigos” in LCA’s theatrical presentation at 160 Lamoine Beach Road.

Tickets cost $10.  Refreshments will be served during intermission.

To reserve seats, call 667-6564. For more info, visit lamoinearts.org.

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