Poet’s Spotlight: Ann Moran

Ann Moran Young lives in Otis, but grew up on Little Cranberry Island. She has many relatives and friends on the island and returns there frequently. “Jack Moran” was written as a tribute to her father. This poem and others were featured in the 2016 edition of “A Living History of Northern and Downeast Maine: Harvest Recess and Picker Shacks” (Hometown Memories, Hickory, NC).


“Jack Moran”

By Ann Moran Young


Jack Moran was a great man.

Father of five and loved by all.

I miss him more than anyone can.

Playing with Dad was quite a ball.

Smart, witty and funny, he was.

Though his love for family grew strong,

I think ’bout Dad and then I pause.

No other family would I belong.


The wealth on earth couldn’t trade a part

Of one moment spent with Dad.

Though not on earth, he lives in heart.

I’ll never forget the good times we had.

Through it all, he was my king.

A daddy’s girl who loved him so.

In my eyes, we had everything.

Memories of Dad will never let go.

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