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  • From the studio

    From the studio

    Here’s what a few Maine artists are working on or just finished amid the spreading COVID-19 pandemic. Bangor illustrator Eric Zelz is painting watercolors for Arizona children’s book author Annie Watson’s story about a little girl and her “monster” to be published by Maine’s Tilbury House. In Bar Harbor, artist Michelle McCann leads the Mount

  • Guitar man

    Guitar man

    WINTER HARBOR — Gordon Thomas Ward was learning to play the clarinet when he his love of music veered in a different direction. One of his fifth-grade teachers brought in a guitar and sang for the class. “I just fell in love with the guitar,” said the guitarist-vocalist, who grew up in Bernardsville, N.J. “I

  • Bravo, Maestro Jinbo!

    Bravo, Maestro Jinbo!

    HANCOCK — This coming summer makes 25 years that conductor Michael Jinbo has led and lifted the orchestra and trained hundreds of young musicians at the Monteux School & Music Festival founded by famed conductor Pierre Monteux 77 years ago. Nestled in a quiet woodland setting, overlooking Taunton Bay to the east and the Skillings

  • Garden paths create order out of anarchy

    Garden paths create order out of anarchy

    There is a wise motto used by civil engineers: “Roads first.” Whatever the work is, you can’t begin it until you get there. It is no different for a garden. A path takes you into it and allows you to work there productively and happily. The layout of paths and beds defines a gardener’s style.

  • Fun things to do

    Fun things to do

    With so many folks and families confined to their homes, many artists and musicians have stepped up and offered free lessons and material. Here’s some we’ve come across. Know of others? Send to [email protected] The fold of art Origami cranes and dogs were on tap as part of Cherryfield artist Audra Christie’s first two live

  • Ellsworth to go

    Ellsworth to go

    Their doors may be closed, but many of the city’s restaurants have switched to to-go service only to try support their customers and try and survive the COVID-19 pandemic. Here are those we know of. Craving a deluxe burger, made with Black Angus beef, slathered with porcini aioli, and served with tallow fries (tallow is

  • Haystack School suspends 2020 program

    Haystack School suspends 2020 program

      DEER ISLE — Haystack Mountain School of Crafts, which holds dozens of summer workshops and draws students and instructors from all over the globe, Tuesday announced that its 2020 program has been suspended due to health risks arising from the ongoing coronavirus pandemic. Hailed last year by Forbes magazine as “an incubator for American

  • Climb every mountain

    Climb every mountain

    BLUE HILL — A few months ago, Chek Wingo didn’t consider himself much of a hiker. But 26 days, 26 peaks, 86 miles, 23 hours and a few scrapes and falls later, he has seen a great deal more than many people exploring Acadia National Park. Thirty-five years old, the Blue Hill man spent most

  • Try immune-boosting chicken noodle soup

    Try immune-boosting chicken noodle soup

    By Merry Post Special to The Ellsworth American Homemade noodles are quick and easy. They have a fresh, eggy taste that cannot be matched by dry pasta. They will elevate beef, chicken or turkey broth into a satisfying soup that looks more complicated than it is. I found a good recipe for noodles in a

  • No place like a homestead

    No place like a homestead

    DEDHAM — Sometimes, life veers off the beaten path and into a passion. This is true for spouses Kristin and Tom Beauchamp, whose paths led them to owning Lone Spruce Farm in Dedham. The life they’ve built there is closely connected to the land, and they see themselves as its stewards. “This land was here

  • New mystery’s plot revolves around murder witness

    New mystery’s plot revolves around murder witness

    PORTLAND — Old Orchard Beach author Edward Daniel Hunt has released “Penance,” his debut novel (2020, Adelaide Books, 263 pages), about a young woman, who witnessed a killing by her then-boyfriend, and is living under an alias with her daughter in Maine. The murder was never solved. Lori Doyle and her daughter are living under