New mystery’s plot revolves around murder witness

PORTLAND — Old Orchard Beach author Edward Daniel Hunt has released “Penance,” his debut novel (2020, Adelaide Books, 263 pages), about a young woman, who witnessed a killing by her then-boyfriend, and is living under an alias with her daughter in Maine. The murder was never solved.

Lori Doyle and her daughter are living under new names in Maine, where the young mother has met someone and is hopeful her life may be taking a positive turn. Unbeknownst to her, Lori is the subject of a hunt by some who seek to do her harm and others who have good intentions. The story shifts back and forth between coastal Maine and Boston’s underworld.  The plot has several concurrent love stories, multiple homicides, dysfunctional family relationships and a bit of mystery or at least confusion.

Hunt’s short stories have appeared in the Scarlett Leaf Review, Down in the Dirt Magazine and Adelaide Literary Magazine. “Hit Men Have Feelings Too” was named a finalist in Adelaide Magazine’s 2018 Literary Award Contest for Best Short Story. The author’s short story “Pieces of the Puzzle” was named a finalist in Adelaide’s 2019 contest.

Hunt owns the Shaw House, an assisted living facility in Biddeford and lives in Old Orchard Beach.

“If you can believe that one last homicide can make for a happy ending, this is your book!” declared Gibson Fay-LeBlanc, director of the Maine Writers & Publishers Alliance in Portland.

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