Maine author tackles bullying in basketball

PORTLAND — Maine author Thomas H. Dahlborg Sr.’s new book “The Big Kid and Basketball … and the Lessons He Taught His Father & Coach” (DHLG Publishing) tells the story of a child who overcame the impact of bullying through resilience, sports, faith and love, and how he taught his dad courage and determination.

When Dahlborg — who lives in Gorham — first became a coach, he was a parent with little training but a large desire to help. His experiences coaching, combined with his background as a health care leader (the former head of the Parent Partnership program for the National Institute for Children’s Health Quality), makes him uniquely qualified to tell the story of the impact of bullying, especially by adults.

“This is a tremendous book about the effect of bullying, but it’s also so much more,” says Kristin Sunanta Walker, CEO of the Mental Health News Radio Network. “Tom takes you on this journey where he looks at himself and how he tried, and sometimes believed he failed, to coach young men into believing in themselves. He explains how he led teams to play from the heart, for each other and how that is the real measure of winning.”

In “The Big Kid and Basketball,” Dahlborg offers 10 key steps for parents to follow to proactively position their children for psychological safety as they engage in youth sports. He also highlights the challenges young men currently face as they try to prove themselves in a society that provides mixed messages as to what a young man should truly be.

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