Mike and Colleen Gross will discuss “The Life of a Barrel,” looking at wine barrels through production to repurposing as art and functional items during PKBucksport Dec. 3

Main Street Bucksport to host pecha kucha

BUCKSPORT — On Thursday, Dec. 3, at 5:30 p.m., Main Street Bucksport will present PKBucksport: a pecha kucha-style event with the theme “Makers” at the Alamo Theatre.

This event is a fundraiser for Main Street Bucksport, a downtown network community, and costs $5 per person. Doors open at 5:30 p.m. and there will be food and cash bar. Presentations begin at 6.

The event also will feature the big screen debut of local musician Chris Soper’s recently produced video for his song “Small Town America,” about the changes happening in the greater Bucksport community with the recent closing of the local paper mill.

Pecha Kucha-style events feature presenters who show 20 slides each, which automatically advance every 20 seconds, giving each presenter just over six minutes to discuss his or her topic. It is simple, fast-paced and fun. This PK night will include the following people and topics:

  • Bill Fretz will discuss Making Jewelry and Fretz Tools. Bill began making jewelry in the 1960s on his own while in high school in Bucks County, Pa. Studying silversmithing with Hans Christiansen at Rochester Institute of Technology’s School for American Craftsmen led to being John Paul Miller’s and Fred Miller’s assistant at the Cleveland Institute of Art where he learned to modify hammers and stakes. In 1970, Bill and his wife, Marian, opened their first Jewelry studio in Saint Peters Village, Pa. Bill now designs hammers and stakes for jewelers in addition to the jewelry and hollowware produced in his Bucksport studio.
  • Mike and Colleen Gross will discuss “The Life of a Barrel,” looking at wine barrels through production to repurposing as art and functional items. The couple live on Verona Island, where they own and operate Verona Wine and Design. They create unique, beautiful and functional products for wine enthusiasts using retired wine barrels. Mike is a master carpenter with over 30 years experience and Colleen is an occupational therapy assistant and multimedia artisan. Together they are pursuing their vision of working side by side in an industry they have become passionate about.
  • Tony Sohns’ presentation is called “Make Love the Wild Way: A Brief Introduction to the Romantic Side of Nature.” Tony is a naturalist and educator. He is a 1996 graduate of Bucksport High School. He works for the family store, the Rock & Art Shop, in all four of its locations in Ellsworth, Bar Harbor and Bangor. He lives in Bangor.
  • Vance Peters will discuss the “Journey of the Majestic Hawaiian Koa Tree.” Vance has lived with his family in Bucksport for more than 30 years. He owns Vance’s Tropical Fish and Vance Guitars and is a luthier builder of Hawaiian Koa wood guitars and ukuleles. He has had the honor of building instruments for several Grammy-winning Hawaiian slack key artists.
  • Sonja Twombly will discuss mosaic eggshell jewelry making. Sonja and her family own and operate Lally Broch Farm, located in northern Waldo County. They raise goats (Lamanchas, Nigerian dwarfs, and Oberhasli), more than 100 fowl (including chickens, ducks, geese, guinea keets and turkeys) and angora rabbits. They also have horses and potbelly pigs. Sonja’s eggs are colored brown, white, light blue and even green, depending on the breed of hen and she creates one-of-a-kind jewelry, including earrings, pendants and letter jewelry. Sonja also operated a holiday pop-up shop in downtown Bucksport last year and plans to return again this year.
  • Brook Minner will discuss how to make the perfect pie crust, and why it matters. She is the Executive Director of Northeast Historic Film, the film archive in Bucksport that also owns and operates the Alamo Theatre. In her spare time, she makes a lot of pies. Brook will discuss the history of pies (they are an ancient food) and share the essential tips for making the perfect pie crust, just in time for the holiday season.
  • Amber Bertin will discuss “How to Make Audio-visual Heritage Last.” She fell in love with movies at the age of 6 after watching “Mary Poppinsand has been sharing this passion with everyone she meets ever since. Last summer, she moved to the Bucksport area to be the archival processing technician at Northeast Historic Film, where she is privileged to save films and share them with the world.
  • Teri Doty is the editor-in-chief of Music Insider Magazine, a journal that provides information and contacts that help musicians be more successful in their career. She lives in Bucksport. She will discuss the making of a music magazine, from start to finish. Born in Los Angeles and raised on the Central Coast of California, Teri has been in the publishing business since 2002 and has had a love for music since she was 10. She also is the founder of Coastal Media Publishing, a company that focuses on the music and entertainment industry.

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