Glass Act Draws Praise

BAR HARBOR – The windows of St. Saviour’s Epsicopal Church were recently hailed by Yankee Magazine as the best in New England.

The historic St. Saviour’s Episcopal Church in Bar Harbor has long served as a community hub – for concerts and contemplation, outreach and prayer.  The church also happens to be an impressive piece of art; granite walls, marble altar, and a hull-shaped vaulted roof illuminated by dozens of stained-glass windows.

These windows gained the attention of the editors of Yankee Magazine and were honored in the magazine’s “Travel Guide to New England” for this summer. The guide lauds St. Saviour’s as having the “best window dressing” in the region: “Maine’s largest collection of Tiffany stained-glass windows graces this 1878 church, which has 10 originals plus 32 intriguing non-Tiffany ones.”

One example is a little window in a Gothic arch, created in 1887 in memory of Marian Bumharn, a Boston schoolgirl and a summer choir member who drowned while on vacation. Like so many of the memorials in this church, this window brings together a particular human passage and a message about the compassion of God.

“In this window Tiffany took a tragic loss and added a sense of mystery, combining what is visible with what is beyond our seeing. Human events with their dates and facts are illuminated by the presence of God, a mystery beyond description. The heart of Louis Comfort Tiffany’s art, whether his subject matter is rich with sorrow or brimming with joy, lies in bringing the changing effect of light and color together with a still life scene,” said Rev. Jonathan Appleyard, rector of St. Saviour’s Church.

For more information, visit and, or contact the St. Saviour’s parish office at 288-4215.

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