Felted cover keep coffee hot


Coffee is what fuels many Maine households including Marcie Correa’s Trenton home. The recently retired, longtime Rooster Brother staffer, who has knit as a pastime since childhood, creates felted cozies to keep coffee hot in French press coffee makers.

To make a cozy for an 8-cup French Press, Marcie uses 100 percent, double-strand, worsted weight wool (avoid Lopi). Using size 13 needles, she casts on about 60 stitches and knits 15 inches.

Then, she decreases to eight stitches. To decrease, she alternates by knitting every fifth or sixth stitch together in one row and then knitting another row without decreasing.

For the cozy’s, top, Marcie divides the remaining eight stitches onto two needles. She takes another needle and knits the four stitches on each of the two needles, forming two 3- to 4-inch pieces that get sewn together in an I-cord at the top.

To felt the cozy, Marcie turns her washing machine to the hot rinse setting and adds a little dish washing liquid to the basket. She runs the washer through the agitation cycle at least five times. The cozy is felted when you can no longer see the stitches.

To set the felt, Marcie then runs the cozy through a cold-rinse cycle. Blot out excess water by rolling the piece gently inside a towel. Before drying, curl up the cozy’s bottom into a brim. Then, curl up the bottom edge into a brim before drying.

Resembling a bell or garden cloche, Marcie’s cozies are sturdy and stand upright on their own. They also add a warm, vibrant note of color to the kitchen.

Modest to a T, Marcie allowed that she is “proud of the fact that I came up with the idea myself.”

Letitia Baldwin

Letitia Baldwin

Arts Editor at The Ellsworth American
In addition to editing the Arts & Leisure section, Letitia edits special sections including Out & About, Overview, Health Quarterly, Your Maine Home, House & Garden and Get Ready for Winter. She comes from Chicago, Ill, but has deep family ties to the Cranberry Isles. [email protected]

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