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A wealth of Maine writers had new books published this summer. Here’s just a few titles to curl up with in the increasingly cold months ahead.


Save the milkweed!

Let the monarch butterflies lay their eggs on the undersides of the fragrant plant’s leaves that they feast on for their great journey south.

That the message running through Penobscot writer Bundy H. Boit’s newly published children’s book “Milkweed Is for Monarchs” (Goose River Press, 2017, $18). The book, illustrated by Gordon Hammond, can be purchased at Blue Hill Books, or directly from the author at [email protected].



The dark side

Gillian French understands the appeal of horror having been drawn to dark, scary literature as a youngster growing up in Maine. Now, the former librarian at Castine’s Witherle Memorial Library is conjuring stories for young readers. Her latest is “The Door to January” released earlier this week by Islandport Press in Yarmouth. Her first book “Grit” was published in May by HarperTeen.



Then and now

Growing up in isolated coastal towns can fire a yearning to see the world and go far away. Then, later in life, the pull often becomes equally strong to return home and reclaim the past.

In her highly praised new memoir “Settling Twice: Lessons from Then and Now” (Islandport Press, 2017, $16.95) Castine writer Deborah Joy Corey contemplates her parents’ death — six years apart — and explores her childhood in neighboring New Brunswick and Maine life now.



Burned alive

A shiver hitch is a very old nautical knot once used to haul masts and spars around a shipyard. The word “Shiver” refers to the sheave (shiv), the wheel in a pulley block used with a length of line to tie the hitch.

The term sounds ominous and is an apt title for Isle au Haut/Surry author and fisherman Linda Greenlaw’s latest Jane Bunker mystery (St. Martin’s Press, 2017, $24.99) set in the depths of a classic Maine winter.  Bunker a former Miami homicide cop, now works as an insurance investigator and part-time deputy sheriff asked to investigate a suspicious house fire and murder of a hated wealthy woman in town.

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