Born to love, sin too Artist explores seven sins and virtues

BLUE HILL — “7&7” is the title of an upcoming art show, featuring Sedgwick artist Mary Barnes’ monoprint series exploring “the seven virtues and seven sins,” opening Tuesday, Jan. 4, and running through Jan. 29 at the Blue Hill Public Library. The artwork will be displayed in the Britton Gallery and Howard Room.

In “7&7,” Barnes explores the seven virtues and seven sins, through words, language, emotion and visual experience, in her 14 monoprints. To achieve each image, the artist used the press as a drawing tool, making several passes with different plates in one session. The large abstractions slowly revealed the emotional content of each word over time. The end result is 14 full-color prints made with soy-based inks printed on 100 percent rag paper.

Barnes, who has lived in Sedgwick for 18 years, began her art career as a printmaker. In art school on the West Coast, she shifted to drawing and painting. For over 35 years, Barnes has pursued an active career creating art, exhibiting, and teaching. Her recent return to printmaking was to explore spontaneity and develop a new intuitive approach toward that medium.

From 10 a.m. to noon Saturday, Jan. 8, Barnes and the other featured artist, Marcia Stremlau, will speak about their artwork. The public is welcome to attend.

A portion of the proceeds from the sale of Barnes’ and Stremlau’s artwork will benefit the library.

For more information, call 374-5515 and visit


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