Book review: “Warcross”

Reviewed by Skye Howard

Marie Lu, the best-selling author behind the YA “Legend” series, has done it again with her latest novel “Warcross.”

Lu has been a rising star in the teen fiction world for the past few years with her “Legend” and “The Young Elites” trilogies.”

In “Warcross,” she mixes a futuristic world with virtual reality to create an exciting, fast-paced plot. The protagonist, Emika Chen, is a hacker facing eviction from her small apartment when she is discovered by the tech genius Hideo Tanaka, founder of Tanaka Games.

When Hideo was just 13 he invented a world-changing virtual reality game called Warcross. The game uses special glasses to make the player believe they are actually in the game.

Emika is transported to the other side of the world to catch a rival hacker who is trying to sabotage the International Warcross Championships, an event watched by millions. What starts out as a straightforward assignment soon becomes much more as the rival hackers’ efforts turn deadly.

From the streets of New York City to bustling Tokyo, Lu takes her characters on a whirlwind journey riddled with mystery, hidden agendas, double meanings and intrigue. Hearts will be broken, friends betrayed, and secret plans revealed in the world of “Warcross” where cyber tech rules and no one is safe.


Skye Howard is a sophomore at Sumner Memorial High School.

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