Book review: “Baby Bear” delights

Baby Black Bear is NOT going to sleep, no matter what his parents say.

Remind you of anyone?

The impish little cub featured in the children’s book “Baby Bear’s Not Hibernating” (Down East Books, $16.95) is convinced he does not need to hunker down for the winter. His father decides this is a lesson Baby Bear should learn for himself.

Maine author Lynn Plourde’s dialogue shines as Baby Bear consults his woodland friends for winter survival advice. Soon, he learns, it’s not easy staying up.

“Blech!” proclaims Baby Bear after munching on some twigs alongside Moose.

“‘What’d you expect from frozen sticks?’ asked Moose.”

Teri Weidner’s serene watercolor illustrations pair well with this heartwarming bedtime tale.

Plourde and Weidner are an experienced team. Plourde, who lives in Winthrop, is an award-winning children’s author who has written 30-plus books, including “Pigs in the Mud in the Middle of the Rud” and “Bella’s Fall Coat.” Weidner has illustrated more than 20 children’s books.

The two pages of black bear facts following the story are a nice addition. Did you know that black bears can run 35 miles per hour? Or that a black bear might huff, moan or cry, but not growl?

See, Baby Bear has something to learn and teach.

Cyndi Wood

Cyndi Wood

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