Artists to discuss use of color at forum

“Yellow House,” Stonington, Walter Smalling

DEER ISLE — The Deer Isle Artists Association will present its second public session, featuring painters Jill Finsen, Susan Finsen and Walter Smalling, at 1:30 p.m. on Sunday, Jan. 6, at 15 Main St. The discussion is part of the association’s “ART mattersseries of talks in its fourth year.

The three artists will discuss “Color, Color, Color.” Association board member Hub White will serve as moderator for the session in which artists will share thoughts about how they approach their work with the audience later joining in. A reception will follow with 44 North Coffee, tea and homemade cake.

Each artist wrote a statement to previews their comments at the Jan. 6 event.

Jill Finsen: “My paintings depict the interplay of the familiar and the imagined. At times awkward and quirky, they celebrate emotional responses to the people, objects and places I portray,” she writes. “Rather than realistic hues and forms, I use bold color, flattened planes and varying paint texture to invite the viewer in through emotion rather than by offering a map of specifics.”

Susan Finsen: “My process is a combination of intuitive drawing, conscious shaping and layering, and the search for my spontaneous 5-year-old-self. Each painting begins with random crayon and paint mark-making. Marks and shapes are made and covered up, imagery is created, erased, added to and reimagined. I keep working until the surface feels interesting, using color, line, shape and plane changes to express myself about what I feel, see, remember or invent.”

Walter Smalling:  “Having worked as a photographer for my entire adult life, there is no question that my painting is informed by that quest for seeking light that literally and figuratively ‘illuminates’ the world that I see and in which I live,” he writes.
“I want to take my imagination beyond what the camera can record in my work as a painter and to help people see things in a new way and in a way that makes them smile and feel good. Instead of being at odds, I like to think that my tandem careers complement one another.”

For more info, contact Hub White at [email protected] or Leslie Miller Landrigan at 348-3129.

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