All about Maine

BROOKSVILLE — Each spring, more than 200,000 alewives journey up streams to Walker Pond and other freshwater ponds and lakes to lay their eggs before returning to the ocean.

The small herring-like fish’s odyssey and its value as bait for the lobster fishery was the inspiration behind students’ prints made from actual alewives as part of Sedgwick Elementary School’s “Maine Day” activities on May 8.

Maine Heritage Trust’s Senior Project Manager Ciona Ulbrich and the Maine Center for Coastal Fisheries’ fisheries biologist Mike Thalhauser supplied actual alewives from the fish’s recent run up to Walker Pond for the pre-K to eighth-grade students to paint and print on enough T-shirts for the entire student body.

Besides alewives, the school children also learned how about whales, lobster fishing, canoeing, spinning wool, contra dancing, wilderness skills and other Maine traditions.

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