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  • Local steel drum bands unite

    Local steel drum bands unite

    BLUE HILL — A sprawling network of steel drum performers, collaborations and bands on the Blue Hill Peninsula brings live music to nearly all corners of Hancock County and beyond each summer. The style originated in Trinidad and is loud, joyous and participatory. Local steel drum bands Flash! in the Pans, Atlantic Clarion, Planet Pan

  • Opera House Arts has new arstistic director

    Opera House Arts has new arstistic director

    STONINGTON — Cait Robinson became Opera House Arts’ new Artistic Director starting Sept. 19. Originally from Brooklin, the experienced theater director joins Executive Director Tony Adams and General Manager Pam Getto on the leadership team. Robinson’s hiring follows a national search. “She’s a great director with a deep knowledge of our local communities,” Adams says.

  •   Ashley Bryan wins 2022 Maine in America Award

      Ashley Bryan wins 2022 Maine in America Award

    ROCKLAND — The Farnsworth Art Museum last week announced Little Cranberry Island artist Ashley Bryan as the winner of its 2022 Maine in America Award. A painter, printmaker, illustrator, author, puppet maker, and storyteller, Bryan came to Maine in 1946 to attend the Skowhegan School of Painting and Sculpture. That summer, the artist visited the

  • Chef and watercolorist team up to teach

    Chef and watercolorist team up to teach

      ELLSWORTH — Painting watercolors and making Chinese-style dumplings both demand a deft hand. Loading your brush with too much paint and overfilling the delicate wrappers leads to leaden results. Creating pot stickers and watercolors each has its own series of steps to follow and light, skillful handling of the tools and material is gained

  • Bagaduce photo contest winners are announced

    Bagaduce photo contest winners are announced

    BLUE HILL — The Bagaduce Watershed Association and Blue Hill Heritage Trust have announced the winners of the First Annual Bagaduce Watershed Amateur Photography Contest. The grand prize winner was Niamh Dickens, 11, of Blue Hill. Runners-up were Jonathan Albrecht of Penobscot; Robert Knight of Brooksville; Candace Kornish of Deer Isle; Peter DeMoss Robbins of

  • Castine Arts to host literary symposium

    CASTINE — On Aug. 6 and 7, the Castine Arts Association will celebrate the works of Castine-connected writers through a series of programs and presentations highlighting the work of those writers created and/or published during 2019 to the present time. Held at Emerson Hall, 67 Court St., Castine, “The Things They Wrote. The Stories They

  • In the Right Place

    In the Right Place

    Over 90 percent of the world’s monarch butterflies reside in North America, where they are divided into two migrating populations. The vast majority of them are in the eastern migration, which is made up of the butterflies that live east of the Rocky Mountains; they migrate each year in succeeding waves to and from the mountaintops of central Mexico. Maine is on the northern edge of the eastern migration.

  • Pandemic pivot spurs renewal at thrift shop

    Pandemic pivot spurs renewal at thrift shop

    From Ellsworth originally, Wood and her silent partner, Kristin Godinez, have marked eight years running the store. The two friends opened the shop in 2013.One of their aspirations was to create new items from donated clothing and other textiles that still have plenty of life but are not suitable for resale.

  • Schoodic Arts to host live, in-person festival

    Through two weeks this summer, Schoodic Arts will host over 40 events, including live performances each evening and from two to four daily workshops, each a few hours long. Laury hopes that events are educational and enriching, but more importantly that after prolonged isolation, the festival allows the Schoodic Peninsula community to reconnect through the arts.