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  • Citizens to track lingering songbirds, food source

    Citizens to track lingering songbirds, food source

    WINTER HARBOR — In the Northeast, millions of songbirds migrate south every fall along the coastline. As they travel long distances to reach their southern destinations, they make stopovers where they can refuel on insects and fruit. As the climate changes in the Downeast region, however, rising temperatures are causing those sources of sustenance to

  • Bucksport student artwork hits the streets

    Bucksport student artwork hits the streets

    BUCKSPORT — Museums typically frown on visitors touching the art. Dare to sit on it and you’ll find yourself escorted to the nearest exit — possibly in handcuffs. But a group of Bucksport Middle School artists have taken a more accessible approach. They’ve transformed castoff lawn furniture into canvases for some of the world’s great

  • Book review: “Baby Bear” delights

    Book review: “Baby Bear” delights

    Baby Black Bear is NOT going to sleep, no matter what his parents say. Remind you of anyone? The impish little cub featured in the children’s book “Baby Bear’s Not Hibernating” (Down East Books, $16.95) is convinced he does not need to hunker down for the winter. His father decides this is a lesson Baby

  • Sullivan artist paints here and now

    Sullivan artist paints here and now

    ELLSWORTH — The Thrumcap rises like a wooly cap outside “The Gut” or narrow channel separating Great and Little Cranberry islands. Mount Desert hills rise in the distance. That scene is captured in Sullivan artist Philip Frey’s painting “Thrumcap and MDI.” The oil was commissioned for Maine folk singer Pixie Lauer, who composed the song

  • Linguist tracks forebearers to The Azores

    Linguist tracks forebearers to The Azores

    SURRY — She grabbed a shawl and said to follow her down the street. Approaching the last house on the right, she called out, “Maria da Luz, Maria da Luz!” Maria stuck her head out of the front door and listened while the neighbor asked if she knew anyone related to Manoel Francisco Ramos.  Speaking

  • Poems from Here

    With Maine Poet Laureate Stuart Kestenbaum   Today’s poem is “From Away” by Sylvester Pollet, who died in 2007. He taught writing at the University of Maine. He also was the editor of the “Backwoods Broadsides Poetry” series —publishing 100 issues over 12 years. In his writing he said he was influenced by the nature

  • Leaving her mark

    Leaving her mark

    ELLSWORTH — The late Sedgwick artist Holly Meade (1956–2013), whose lyrical linoleum and woodblock prints grace many homes in Maine and beyond, is the focus of a show opening Friday, May 25, and running through June 15 at Courthouse Gallery Fine Art. Meade was prolific as well as talented. She died of breast cancer at