DVD Review: House of Cards, Season 4

Imagine a president of the United States whose sole credential is ruthless ambition. An utterly narcissistic president seething with base motives, who doesn’t care about the best interests of his constituents, his country or the world community. One who, in his paranoid passion for self-advancement, betrays wife, colleagues, voters and decency.

Like, can you even imagine such a president?

Oh. Yeah. You’re right.

And that’s why Season 4, more than the first three, resonates.

The latest binge-worthy lode premiered March 4 and picks up where Season 3 left off with Frank and Claire Underwood (Kevin Spacey, Robin Wright) dedicated to the other’s destruction. They’ve moved away from their Lord and Lady Macbeth personas to something equally lethal but less partner-ish.

Season 4 mixes it up nicely with returning characters and brand new ones, such as Ellen Burstyn as Claire’s mother, Cicely Tyson as a compassionate Texas senator and Neve Campbell as a resourceful political consultant.

Familiar faces who continue to deliver excellent performances are Michael Kelly playing the president’s tormented Iago, Doug Stomper; Mahershala Ali as the quietly formidable Remy Danton, the president’s former chief of staff; Nathan Darrow as the sulky-but-devoted presidential bodyguard; Lars Mikkelsen as Viktor Petrov, president of the Russian Federation and probably the only man Frank Underwood fears, and — surprise! — Sebastian Arcelus as Lucas Goodwin, former lover/colleague/boss of the investigative reporter (Kate Mara) who was shoved in front of train at a D.C. Metro station by none other than.

Keep your eye on Lucas. Though locked up in a federal pen, he will find his way out and continue his search for justice.

Robin Wright is the star of Season 4. Though she can bend steel with her bare hands, she has the one thing her husband lacks: a heart. It gets her a long way and it gets Season 4 back in the running for best Netflix series ever.

Stephen Fay

Stephen Fay

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