Night Run


Just me and my shadow running in the moonlight. Early this a.m. had my head lamp and blaze-orange vest on so local hunters didn’t mistake my huffing and puffing for a deer. Running straight into a strong northwest wind. Wind gusts up to 20 mph? Hard going up my steep hill. Those cold, salty blasts, though, are a balm to the face and mind. Saw the flash of a white-tailed deer, but not the usual pickups towing Carolina skiffs. Some lobstermen are starting to haul in their gear.

Letitia Baldwin

Arts Editor at The Ellsworth American
In addition to editing the Arts & Leisure section, Letitia edits special sections including Out & About, Overview, Health Quarterly, Your Maine Home, House & Garden and Get Ready for Winter. She comes from Chicago, Ill, but has deep family ties to the Cranberry Isles. [email protected]