LAMOINE — Ever wonder that the Grange is about? You know, those old clapboard buildings that every local town seems to have? Well, Lamoine Grange has put together an afternoon’s entertainment for Sunday, Feb. 26, about the organization to inform — and hopefully delight — audience members about that organization which started after the Civil War to give farmers a voice in national government. Though many chapters have closed, many others, like Lamoine’s Grange, have redefined their focus for the 21st century.

The Lamoine Grange front-stage curtain, painted on 100-year old muslin, shows a landscape looking toward Mount Desert Island from Marlboro over Raccoon Cove. This beautiful painted curtain graces the stage of the 105-year-old building. The Feb. 26 program will begin with members recounting aspects of the national Grange’s mission, practices and entertainments over the years and how Lamoine’s chapter started soon after Lamoine separated from Trenton. Those in attendance will hear stories of the Lamoine Grange’s activities, both old and new: of dinners and community service, songs Grangers sang and one of the many comic plays they did on the hall’s stage decades ago.

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