• Wreath maker sets high bar for its creations

    Wreath maker sets high bar for its creations

      ELLSWORTH – The holidays are a time to look forward to favorite traditions. For some, it’s decorating a Christmas tree with old ornaments made in the second grade, digging out an heirloom gingerbread recipe or hanging a freshly made wreath, decorated with treasures gathered from Maine’s forests, on the front door. Michael and Mandi

  • Usher in season with asparagus soup

    Usher in season with asparagus soup

    Asparagus was brought to America by European settlers sometime in the 18th century. Abigail Adams, George Washington and Thomas Jefferson all learned to appreciate asparagus and grew it on their home farms. In the first American cookbook, published in 1796, Amelia Simmons calls asparagus “an excellent vegetable” and wisely cautions against overcooking it: “by over-boiling

  • A treasured cookbook

    A treasured cookbook

    When I visit my cookbook assortment seeking culinary inspiration, the nearly 100-year-old Girl Scout chant sung around the campfire, “Make new friends, but keep the old. One is silver and the other gold,” reminds me that when it comes to practical matters in the kitchen, old friends still have a lot to offer. One of