• Man dies trying to save dog from Dedham fire

    Man dies trying to save dog from Dedham fire

    DEDHAM — For the second time this month, a Hancock County man has died trying to save his dog from a house fire. Fire swept through a log cabin home on Privet Road in Dedham Wednesday morning, according to State Police Spokesman Steve McCausland. Investigators said Jerry Bishop, 76, and his wife, 77-year-old Phyllis Bishop,

  • Herring quota slashed

    Herring quota slashed

    ELLSWORTH — Imagine running a trucking business and having your supply of diesel fuel cut by 70 percent. For all practical purposes, that’s what happened to the Maine lobster industry last week. Last Thursday, the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration announced it was cutting the 2019 herring quota by about 70 percent. That bodes ill

  • Tony Sohns, bug-loving businessman, dies at 41

    Tony Sohns, bug-loving businessman, dies at 41

    ELLSWORTH — Tony Sohns, whose love of the natural world extended to the creepy and crawly and whose family-run Rock & Art shops enliven area downtowns, died Feb. 6 of a heart attack while on a business trip in Arizona. He was 41. To many, especially children who participated in his natural science workshops, Sohns

  • Opinions flow at water ordinance hearing

    Opinions flow at water ordinance hearing

    ELLSWORTH — Nearly two dozen advocates and opponents — environmentalists, attorneys and unorganized territories camp owners among them — argued Feb. 7 over a proposed ordinance to protect water by prohibiting construction of an East-West highway in the unorganized territories. The venue was a special meeting of the Hancock County Commission. An East-West highway (one

  • Lobster processing coming to Bucksport

    Lobster processing coming to Bucksport

    BUCKSPORT — This former mill town still has a ways to go, but two new projects could turn the inland river city into a mecca for seafood lovers. Portland-based Whole Oceans is immersed in developing a land-based recirculating aquaculture facility that will, it hopes, eventually produce more than 44 million pounds of Atlantic salmon on

  • Grohoski backs plan for consumer-owned electric utility

    Grohoski backs plan for consumer-owned electric utility

    ELLSWORTH — State Rep. Nicole Grohoski (D-Ellsworth) said she will co-sponsor legislation this session intended to replace Central Maine Power (CMP) and Emera Maine with a “consumer-owned utility.” “This is an important initiative that I’m involved in to save consumers money, improve reliability and have more power over our energy future in Maine,” said Grohoski

  • Board denies Ticonic appeal

    Board denies Ticonic appeal

    ELLSWORTH — Residents fighting to save the former Ticonic 4 Firehouse from demolition finally received a decision from a city entity on Thursday, although it wasn’t what they had hoped. Members of the Board of Appeals voted unanimously to deny resident Judy Blood’s appeal of the issuance of a demolition permit to Webber Energy, which

  • Car theft suspect arrested

    Car theft suspect arrested

    ELLSWORTH — An investigation into the theft of a pickup truck here in the early morning hours Monday ended with an arrest in Waltham less than two hours later, the Hancock County Sheriff’s Office reported. Deputy Dakota Dupuis said he located the vehicle on Route 179 around 3:15 a.m. Ellsworth Police Captain Troy Bires said

  • New life for a 117-year-old church

    New life for a 117-year-old church

    GOULDSBORO — The grandparents and great-grandparents of some of today’s congregants helped build the Birch Harbor Baptist Church back in 1902. Now, Pastor Bill Thomas says, 117 years later, members of a few of these same families are helping complete much needed renovations. “It was such a dark space before,” Thomas said. “It was definitely