Traffic on the Bucksport Road moves past the entrance to a lot where a Florida resident wants to build a subdivision featuring 12 mini homes. A portion of the land, located near the crest of the western of the Twin Hills, has recently been cleared. PHOTO BY STEVE FULLER

“Mini homes” proposed for the Bucksport Road

ELLSWORTH — The city’s Planning Board will get its first look next week at a proposal for a new subdivision on the Bucksport Road featuring “mini homes.”

Roy Lietz of Fort Myers, Fla., has submitted a plan to build 12 mini homes (no larger than 600 square feet each) on the Bucksport Road near the western end of Twin Hill Road.

Lietz’s plan will be among several projects reviewed by the Planning Board when it meets Wednesday, Aug. 2, at 7 p.m. at City Hall.

Lietz owns a 140.9-acre parcel on the Bucksport Road that he bought from former Surry resident Gary Beal in April of 2016.

The initial application Lietz submitted to the Planning Board, through surveyor Steve Salsbury, calls for 12 mini homes of 400 to 600 square feet each. City Planner Michele Gagnon said the homes would have to be at least 500 square feet because of requirements in the city ordinances.

The development also is being proposed as a cluster subdivision. The city’s Unified Development Ordinance defines a cluster subdivision as follows:

“A subdivision in which the lot sizes are reduced below those normally required in the zoning district in which the development is located in return for the provision of permanent open space owned in common by lot/unit owners, the City, or a land conservation organization.”

The plan submitted to the city shows 12 small lots (10,000 square feet, or 0.23 acres, each), with a common area of 22 acres set aside to be left undeveloped. Normally, each lot would have to have a minimum size of 80,000 square feet, or 1.84 acres, were it not a cluster subdivision.

The 12 homes would be located along a road near to and paralleling the Bucksport Road.

Gagnon said an initial review of the plan by city officials led to questions, including whether there is adequate sight distance at the proposed entryway near the crest of the western of the two Twin Hills.

Gagnon said the city has never seen a proposal like this before and she thinks it is an interesting one.

“It’s a great project,” she said.

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Steve Fuller

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