Firefighters were called to the scene of a fire on Lincoln Street in Ellsworth on Saturday morning after a passer-by noticed flames and called emergency responders. No one was injured but the house was damaged in the blaze, which firefighters got under control within an hour. Damage was contained to the area of a woodstove. ANDREW WACHTER PHOTO

Fire damages city home

ELLSWORTHSeveral area fire departments, including Ellsworth, responded to a fire on Lincoln Street around 11 a.m. Saturday after a passer-by noticed flames coming out of a single-family house and called emergency responders, Ellsworth Fire Department Chief Richard Tupper said.

“We had a fairly quick response because it’s fairly close,” Tupper said. “They were able to extinguish the fire,” which appeared to have started near a woodstove, “and knock it down very quickly.”

“We had to cut down through the floor, pulling the ceilings out above it,” and remove the woodstove to check to see if the fire had spread, Tupper said.

Firefighters checked for residents and animals inside the house but found nothing, he said. Damage from the fire was contained to the area of the woodstove, said Tupper, which appeared to have been going.

The room around the woodstove suffered “significant” smoke and heat damage, said Tupper. The owner and renter were on scene and seemed to think the house would rapidly be habitable again, he added.

Fire departments including Hancock, Lamoine, Trenton and Dedham were called, but Dedham was canceled while en route. Firefighters were on the scene for roughly an hour, Tupper said.

Crews aren’t sure of what started the fire, the chief said, but he added that residents should always make sure any heating appliance is installed to manufacturer’s specifications, cleaned regularly and that smoke detectors are in good working order, as were those in the Lincoln Street house.

Tupper also reminded residents, particularly those with metal roofs, that it’s important to have all exits shoveled out so emergency personnel can get into a property if need be.

“Snow falls off these metal roofs in a big avalanche,” he said, even when it isn’t snowing. “Always make sure your exits are shoveled out. Many times, people forget their front door.”

Kate Cough

Kate Cough

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