Fines for speeding lowered

ELLSWORTH — It didn’t feel like good luck at the time, but drivers stopped for speeding after July 23 caught a break.

They will pay a bit less under a new fee schedule implemented by the Maine Judicial Branch Violations Bureau.

As of July 23, fines are down around 15 percent for speeding violations in the lower brackets, from 1-19 mph over the limit.

Below is the new fee schedule:

  • $114 for 1-9 mph over the posted limit (down from $134)
  • $129 for 10-14 mph over (down from $152)
  • $170 for 15-19 mph over (down from $200)
  • $230 for 20-24 mph over (no change)
  • $278 for 25-29 mph over (no change)

According to reports in the Portland Press Herald, the new fee schedule was approved by Chief Judge Susan Oram of the Maine District Court system. The fee schedule changes were partly in response to a study conducted by the Violations Bureau, which collects the fines. The study examined fees in neighboring states.

As a comparison, drivers stopped for speeding in a 55 mph or under zone in New Hampshire pay $62 for driving between 1 and 10 mph over the posted limit.

The number of traffic infractions and revenue collected by the state is down over the past five years, according to the Maine Judicial Branch’s Annual Report. The Violations Bureau took in $8,619,758 in traffic violation fines in 2017, down from $10,733,449 in 2013.

Most of the money, over 75 percent, goes to the state’s general fund. The rest is distributed among various accounts, including 2 percent for the Maine Criminal Justice Academy and 2 percent to the state’s Highway Fund, among others.

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