Among the popular midway attractions was this high-flying bungee trampoline. ELLSWORTH AMERICAN PHOTOS BY CYNDI WOOD AND JENNIFER OSBORN

Attendance is steady at fair

BLUE HILL — By most accounts the annual Blue Hill Fair had a good five-day run.

“We had a nice fair,” said President Rob Eaton. “Good weather, nice crowds.”

“We were pleased with the appearance and the way the fair went,” Eaton said. “It was a smooth week.”

“It sounds like the vendors were pleased with the turnout and made some money,” Eaton said.

Arts and Crafts Exhibit Hall submissions were “way up in numbers,” Eaton said. The exhibit includes everything from photographs to handmade quilts and crafts as well as flowers. There were many more quilts than last year.

“Even though it hasn’t been a good growing year, we had a good display of vegetables too,” Eaton said. There were lots of flowers.

Despite mostly sunny, moderate temperatures, the fair didn’t have any record-breaking days for attendance.

Eaton described attendance as a “steady run.”

One issue was a downpour of rain last Wednesday, which left a couple of parking lots unusable for a couple of days, the fair president said.

“We had to change and invent some parking because we couldn’t use what normally was available to us.”

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