House District 136: Mike Fisher and Rich Malaby

In House District 136, which is made up of the towns of Gouldsboro, Hancock, Mariaville, Osborn, Sorrento, Sullivan, Waltham and Winter Harbor, plus the unorganized territory of Fletchers Landing Township and the Washington County town of Steuben, Democrat Mike Fisher is challenging the incumbent Republican Rich Malaby.

Mike Fisher
Mike Fisher

Name: Mike Fisher
Age: 64
Residence: Sullivan
Party: Democrat
Present employment: Retired in 2015 after 35-year career in acquiring and editing books in science and medicine (last 20 years at Harvard University Press)
Highest level of education completed: Masters degree
Previous elected public office(s) held: None

Personal statement:
I am running to fight for a state government that is fair and offers opportunity for all. I want a government that spends our money wisely, efficiently and preserves our rights while it protects us.

I want a government that makes it possible for our children to have decent food, decent housing, and decent schools that prepare them for good jobs, and for all of us to have access to quality healthcare.

I want transparent government to make sure our politicians are working for us, not for donors and lobbyists. I want a government that welcomes new technology — like solar power and broadband.

I want to fight every day so that government is a force for good, not a threat to freedom. Most of all I want to make this district — with its tremendous assets in people, landscape, and seascape — an even better place to live than it already is.

My candidacy has been endorsed by the Maine Education Association, Maine People’s Alliance, National Association of Social Workers (Maine Chapter), National Nurses United and the Sierra Club.

I am a signer of the Maine Senior Affordable Housing Bond Pledge and the Maine Freedom of Information Open Government Pledge.



Rich Malaby
Rich Malaby

Name: Richard Malaby
Age: 65
Residence: Hancock
Party: Republican
Present employment: Innkeeper, Crocker House Country Inn
Highest level of education completed: MBA from Michigan State University
Previous elected public office(s) held: School board (16 years) and state representative (six years)

Personal statement:
I want to continue the work that we have undertaken to: reduce our debt level, lower tax rates, reduce the regulatory environment while continuing to focus on the neediest among us.

I want to fully and appropriately fund our nursing homes, our homemaker services and our developmentally disabled populations. I am most interested in expanding access and treatment for our severe and persistently mentally ill population and getting many of our prisoners who are either mentally ill or substance abusers (or both) into appropriate treatment.

I would love to see us increase MaineCare reimbursement rates for psychiatrists, advanced practice psychiatric nurse practitioners and other practitioners of Cognitive Behavioral Therapies.

Finally I would like to reduce the property tax burden for our coastal and waterfront communities.

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