• Summer Market Ratatouille

    Summer Market Ratatouille

    This “casserole” is perfect for when tomatoes, zucchini, summer squash, and peppers are bursting at the market. Feel free to vary the vegetables, and season liberally with fresh herbs.

  • The pleasures of pickles

    The pleasures of pickles

    With this latest spell of hot and steamy weather, my cucumber patch is exploding. Hundreds of bright yellow blossoms decorate the prickly, green vines. All sorts of pollinators buzz from early dawn until dusk, spreading the wealth that one day will become pickles. My husband likes to scour the cucumber plants early in the morning,

  • Tricolor Tweed Quinoa

    Tricolor Tweed Quinoa

    Recipe courtesy of Jane Crosen. This mix of blonde, red, and black quinoa bakes nicely into the simplest of pilafs. As with wild rice in a rice medley, the darker quinoas add interest and texture, and pan-roasting the grains in oil before baking keeps them nutty.
    Leftover quinoa reheats nicely baked in an oiled pan covered with foil. Or, combine it with fresh summer vegetables in a tabbouleh or other grain salad.

  • Five Cup Salad

    Marjorie Standish wrote a Maine Sunday Telegram column, “Cooking Down East,” for 25 years. Islesboro food historian Sandy Oliver has revived the columnist’s recipes in a new cookbook “Cooking Maine Style: Tried and True Recipes from Down East.”

  • Grilled Applesauce

    Time Estimate: 40 minutes, including 20 minutes of preparation and 20 minutes unattended. Storage Notes: Keeps for one day when refrigerated Level of Difficulty: Moderate Special Requirements: Sous vide set-up, grill The apples for this sauce are twice cooked: first sous vide (a method of cooking in tightly sealed plastic bags), which establishes just the