• Grüne Sosse (green sauce)

    Grüne Sosse (green sauce)

    Grüne sosse is an uncooked sauce from the German state of Hesse that can be made with lactose-free sour cream and cottage cheese for those with lactose intolerance. Prepared without any salt or celery, it is also perfect for low-salt diets. It is wonderful on toasted bagels, boiled potatoes, and soups, especially black bean soup. I am indebted to Connie Knuppel for telling me about this use of herbs. — Merry Post

  • Tomato Ketchup

    Tomato Ketchup

    In the following recipe, I relied on Lydia Maria Child’s cookbook for seasoning, but for method I referred to a recipe in “The Household Receipt Book for 1874,” published in Burlington, Vt., as a complimentary marketing piece.

  • The pleasures of pickles

    The pleasures of pickles

    With this latest spell of hot and steamy weather, my cucumber patch is exploding. Hundreds of bright yellow blossoms decorate the prickly, green vines. All sorts of pollinators buzz from early dawn until dusk, spreading the wealth that one day will become pickles. My husband likes to scour the cucumber plants early in the morning,

  • Green Goddess Dressing

    Green Goddess Dressing

    Food historians credit the origin of this dressing to San Francisco’s Palace Hotel, where chef Philip Roemer created it to honor actor George Arliss, who was performing in William Archer’s 1923 play “The Green Goddess.” The dressing is bright green (as is the huge green idol in the play), creamy, rich and tangy … addictive really.

  • Grilled Applesauce

    Time Estimate: 40 minutes, including 20 minutes of preparation and 20 minutes unattended. Storage Notes: Keeps for one day when refrigerated Level of Difficulty: Moderate Special Requirements: Sous vide set-up, grill The apples for this sauce are twice cooked: first sous vide (a method of cooking in tightly sealed plastic bags), which establishes just the