• Hia Quach’s Shrimp and Pork Dumplings

    My mom made this for us growing up.  We could eat dozens at a time so she always made a giant bowl of filling and my sisters and I would race to see who could wrap the most dumplings in an hour.  Of course, they disappeared as soon as they were done. It is still

  • Joanne Chang’s Hot and Sour Soup

    Joanne Chang’s Hot and Sour Soup

    This easy hot-and-sour soup recipe is one of Jean Hylan’s favorites. The soup includes ground pork and tofu, as well as garlic, ginger and scallions. The latter three ingredients form the basis for many of the Chinese dishes she cooks. Joanne Chang’s Hot and Sour Soup Votes: 1 Rating: 5 You: Rate this recipe! Print Recipe

  • Summer Salsa

    Summer Salsa

    This summer salsa recipe courtesy of Cherly Wixson makes about six cups of salsa.

  • De Koning family’s steamed mussels

    De Koning family’s steamed mussels

    Fiona, Max, Alex and Theo de Koning run Acadia Aqua Farms with employees and other family members. The family’s recipe for steamed mussels serves two as an entrée or four as an appetizer.

  • Spring Chive Soup

    Spring Chive Soup

    The recipe for Spring Chive Soup, an annual favorite of mine, is merely an adaptation of Potato Leek Soup. Easy to prepare, this soup stores well for several days in the refrigerator. The soup is thickened with potatoes, instead of flour, handy for gluten-free diets. This versatile soup can be prepared with a variety of