Land Rover Defender (4)

When Land Rover created the modern interpretation of its ever-popular Defender series two years ago — first arriving as a four-door wagon — longtime fans salivated at the prospect of a righteous two-door model to commemorate the original Defender. The four-door was necessary in the Rova lineup to assure profitability, and the Defender 110 series is now the brand’s top-selling model.

As promised, the two-door 90 Defender is now here. It is apparent that the Defender is very grown up and must execute two opposed missions: carry the torch for the loyalists who believe a Land Rover must be capable of any type of off-roading, while the market subscribes to the image of such driving while swathing owners in luxury and the appropriate levels of on-road driving acumen that occur 98 percent of the time.

Land Rover Defender (5)

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