GMC Sierra (2)

The pickup wars are heating up. Generating huge income for the automakers just as they are being pressured to spend billions to build battery-electric-vehicles, the Big Three’s pickup brands — Chevy, GMC, Ford and Ram — are going to have to deliver the big bucks necessary to make these dreams possible.

For buyers, this means constrained supply and retail prices that will shock drivers who haven’t been in the market for seven or eight years. Case in point is this week’s well-equipped GMC Sierra AT4X crew-cab 1500 pickup, in handsome Cayenne Red Metallic paint. With base Sierra trucks starting around $33,000, our built-in-Mexico AT4X stickered for an eye-watering $76,790. Perhaps this number is in preparation for what the Sierra EV will sticker for at this time next year.

GMC Sierra (4)

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