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  • Powering the future of Maine

    Dear Editor: Should Maine control its own future? Seth Berry’s proposal for a Maine consumer-owned utility run by Mainers and benefiting Maine, not Spain, has CMP breaking out in a sweat. The mantra they are using is “there is no guarantee that it will work.” We hear this over and over as if it has

  • A free society

    Dear Editor:   I reread an Ellsworth American editorial commentary of June 6, 2019. Although there are some facts I disagree with, one needs to be addressed. It is tariffs imposed on U.S. agri-farmers. This affects crops of corn, soybeans, wheat, cotton and rice. Most agri-farmers want to plant, grow and sell their crops in

  • More appropriate for North Korea

    Dear Editor: I would like to believe that Phil Grant’s commentary titled “Why do we like Trump?” was intended as satire, but I couldn’t find the punch line, so I reluctantly conclude that he was serious in his comments. I question The American’s decision to publish such a Soviet-style propaganda piece. Americans deserve to have

  • “Incarceration Proclamation” pending?

    Dear Editor: I have heard rumors (Washington Post, May 16) that President Trump is planning to deliver a speech on the steps of the Lincoln Memorial on July Fourth this year. I wonder if, in the place that honors Lincoln’s Emancipation Proclamation, Trump plans to issue an “Incarceration Proclamation” regarding immigrants. Doug Kimmel Hancock

  • Beware of misinformation in Gouldsboro

    Dear Editor: Gouldsboro has been in the news most recently for many issues — from the rescheduling of voting and Town Meeting due to the town warrant not being prepared to the resignation of Police Chief Tyler Dunbar and, more recently, the resignation of the Town Manager Sherri Cox. Perhaps the most newsworthy of all

  • A step in the right direction on plastic pollution

    Dear Editor: Those of us who care about salvaging our environment are delighted with recent actions out of Augusta. In particular, the Ellsworth Green Action Team (EGAT) celebrates the signing of a bill (LD 1532) to ban most single-use carry-out plastic bags given at the point of purchase, effective Earth Day 2020. Maine thus becomes

  • The rest of the Dorcas Library story

    Dear Editor: The town of Gouldsboro authorized $4,000 for support of the Dorcas Libary back in May. As Paul Harvey would say, “And now for the rest of the story,” page two. Mark Kallick [“Dorcas Library deserves support,” June 27] was present at the meeting yet curiously omitted that $4,000 was authorized for support of

  • Dictatorial control in Congress must end

    Dear Editor: Between the elections, presidential and midterm, we are subjected to thousands of hours of ads, interviews, debates, posters, mailings and arguments with friends and family, all with the goal of standing in long lines to vote for the people we hope will actively represent us in Congress, do the nation’s business and get

  • Thank you, Ellsworth educators

    Dear Editor: This fall, for the first time in 15 years, neither of our children will be enrolled in an Ellsworth school. We wanted to take this opportunity to say thank you to the teachers, support staff and administrators of the Ellsworth School Department, past and present, who have taught and worked with our daughter

  • Some things to ponder this July Fourth

    Dear Editor:   Having again slashed taxes for the most wealthy and seeing their goal of shrinking government to the size “that it can be drowned in the bathtub” within reach, Republicans are on the verge of realizing a dream they have held since President Franklin Roosevelt’s “socialist” New Deal and President Lyndon Johnson’s “socialist”

  • Maine doesn’t need Congress messing up the internet

    By Karl Ward Today, 9 out of 10 American adults use the internet. Americans depend on the internet in many aspects of their lives and consider internet access to be the key to being connected, well-informed and competitive. It is seen as a tool that supplies endless opportunities and drives our economy. The internet as

  • Some advice for Sens. Collins and King

    Dear Editor: Rather than run for Congress myself, I have decided to offer Sens. Collins and King some advice for addressing the Social Security and Medicare crises that have been allowed to overtake the country like an untreated cancer. Social Security and Medicare were designed as, and still are, pay-as-you-go systems. The withholding taxes paid