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  • Collins must reassess priorities

    Dear Editor: I have visited Susan Collins’ website and seen her list of issues in which she is legislatively involved. I am impressed and pleased by some of her positions. The issues listed are, indeed, pressing: defense and national security appears first. A fine priority. The list continues with veterans, health care, energy and environment,

  • The plot against America

    By Roger Bowen “Every day I ask myself the same question: How can this be happening in America? How can people like these be in charge of our country? If I didn’t see it with my own eyes, I’d think I was having a hallucination.” The words are those of Herman Roth, the father of

  • County Ambulance will be missed

    Dear Editor: On behalf of the Board of Selectmen, the residents of Winter Harbor, the fire chief and Winter Harbor first responders, I want to express our great appreciation for the efforts and service provided by John Partridge and the staff of County Ambulance for responding to all medical emergencies in our town of Winter

  • Fresh face makes good impression

    Dear Editor: I’m impressed by a fresh face on the local political scene: Nicole Grohoski, candidate for the Maine House for Ellsworth/Trenton. She made the effort to visit our home to listen to our concerns and explain how she thinks can be changed in Augusta so the needs of us citizens will take precedent over

  • Listen to Maine’s older citizens

    Dear Editor: In just a few months, newly elected state and federal leaders will take office. Research just completed by AARP — the largest non-profit, non-partisan social membership organization both in Maine and in the U.S. — has confirmed that, especially for older Mainers, the next two years will be hugely important to their future.

  • Sound mind, sound body

    Dear Editor: I would like to introduce you to Nicole Grohoski, Democratic candidate for the Ellsworth and Trenton state representative seat. She is an Ellsworth native, attended school with my daughters, and has been a family friend ever since. With the Ellsworth school system as a strong educational base, she has always challenged herself academically,

  • The tower soars, but the foundation crumbles

    Dear Editor: I really appreciate the way The Ellsworth American reminds us of the national debt on the front page: $21.4 trillion. There are many issues to discuss, but the fact that we’re living beyond our means, printing money and borrowing money from other nations to pay our bills is simply astonishing. What surprises me,

  • Mills missed the memo

    Dear Editor: Today I heard Tom Perez, chairman of the DNC, while being interviewed by Bill Press, say Democrats are all for health care. I guess Janet Mills didn’t get the memo, doesn’t have the sense to support universal home care, or can’t connect UHC with health care. So far, she’s just lost my vote.

  • Times have changed

    Dear Editor: A Poem for Today In days of old Man’s word was gold. Past sayings of great men extolled. Each speech was measured. And honesty treasured. Civility reigned. How times have changed! Virginia Hawrylycz Surry