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  • Open Door has been a labor of love

    By Barbara Royal I believe love, compassion and truth provide the best opportunity for healing all wounds. Open Door Recovery Center’s mission never excluded anyone from receiving services, regardless of their ability to pay. Since Bill Hills founded Open Door in 1984, we have given hundreds of thousands worth of services to those with no

  • Might makes right

    Dear Editor, Over the next few months, debate will intensify over whether Congress should have a role in approving the use of military force against Iran. Lost in the debate will be an equally vital consideration: international law. Even if Congress authorizes an attack, the action would in all likelihood still be unlawful. Striking Iran

  • Keep Fido safe this summer

    Dear Editor: Dead pet!? Not this time, thank god! It was a hot summer day in a hot parking lot. The owner of the parked, closed-up-tight and locked car came back, opened the car and said, “I left the car running and the air conditioner on! I don’t know what happened!” Word to pet owners:

  • Hospice partners with community

    Dear Editor: Hospice Volunteers of Hancock County (HVHC) is pleased to participate as a member of the Choices That Matter program, as well as the Age-Friendly Coastal Communities coalition and its predecessor, Thriving in Place, all community collaboratives coordinated by representatives of Healthy Peninsula. These programs reflect a basic value on which Hospice Volunteers of

  • Open Silver Lake to swimming

    Dear Editor: As a longtime friend of the Craig Pond beach area, I have been following the Bucksport pool story with concern. Craig Pond beach is already used at capacity in the summer, and adding a larger population of users from Bucksport’s municipal recreational swimming program is bound to affect the water quality and character of

  • Solar would save Trenton tax dollars

    Dear Editor:   Trenton Town Meeting has come and gone. At that meeting, the taxpayers gave the Trenton School Board more money than it requested in order to keep taxes down in the future.   For the last two school years, I have been working to reduce taxpayer dollars. My approach was through solar energy. The

  • Thank you, Sen. Rosen

    Dear Editor: I would like thank our State Senator Kim Rosen for supporting two clean power bills, LD 1711 and LD 1494, which I believe will have significant positive impacts on our power supplies and costs here in Maine.  LD 1711 will help businesses, municipalities and households access solar with little to no upfront costs

  • Sick and tired

    Dear Editor: For years, I have read articles, watched documentaries, shared discussions with friends, etc. (pro and con) regarding the death with dignity issue. I was taken aback by the fact that your featured editorial (“Death with dignity,” June 20) seemed to completely disregard what is, and always has been, the major reason for a

  • Mainers need more than “feel-good” measures

    Dear Editor:   Open letter to Sen. Angus King: On June 20, you signed as co-sponsor to a bill restoring funding to ACA Navigators. Based on my experience as an ACA (Obamacare) Navigator, I think this is simply a feel-good measure and will do little to actually help Mainers. The ACA was intended to provide

  • A different approach to immigration

    Dear Editor: Aside from the natives that were here before Columbus, the greatness that we claim today is from the efforts of immigrants that came before us. Rather than fault them now for leaving the horrible circumstances they left, would it not be wiser/better to use funds being used to maintain the horrors at the

  • Eighty percent of success is showing up

    By Linda Napier One morning, when my daughter was 12, she was having some getting-ready-for-school issues; what to wear and other middle school dilemmas. I reminded her that she would miss the school bus if she didn’t get moving and I wouldn’t drive her if she did. She sighed and rolled her eyes. Of course,

  • How can we regain customers’ trust?

    By Ed Townley Millennials are more likely to support socialism than capitalism, according to a shocking Gallup poll. Do today’s youth actually want to take up collective farming and outlaw private property? Not really. They’re just expressing their dissatisfaction with big corporations, which so often put profits before people. Fewer than half of millennials think