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Tim Plouff

Tim Plouff

Columnist at The Ellsworth American
Tim Plouff has been reviewing automobiles in the pages of The Ellsworth American weekly for nearly two decades.
  • On The Road Review: Cadillac SRX

    Cadillac — General Motors’ premium automotive division — is a key part of this corporation’s future success. If GM can’t rebuild Cadillac’s reputation, and return the brand to prominence here and in other markets, then the loss of this halo effect will harm other offerings and stall future success. Thankfully for the leaders at GM,

  • On The Road Review: Mazda 5 Grand Touring Minivan

    It has already been a long day in the saddle, a work day that began in the dark fog of Brattleboro, Vt. The Green Mountain State’s foliage was still quite impressive in this southern valley along the Connecticut River, yet as I headed north and west the lush late-fall scenery was frequently disturbed by the

  • On The Road Review: Fiat 500C Cabrio

    For the first time since 1983, Fiat-branded cars are once again for sale in the United States. Will Italy’s top-selling car lineup do better now than it did when it abandoned America? With a controlling interest in Chrysler, Fiat is calling the shots on the development of both brands; some future Chrysler models for our

  • On The Road Review: Hyundai Accent

    One of the smallest segments in the domestic auto industry (sales-wise) is starting to get a lot of interest, as well as a lot of new products, as drivers are shifting some of their purchasing decisions toward smaller cars. The subcompact class, the smaller, shorter cars just below compact in size and price and often

  • On The Road Review: Dodge Durango

    As Chrysler slowly climbs out of the abyss in which it found itself in 2009 — one banana peel away from extinction — it is becoming clear that there was some decent product planning occurring but just not enough time, and money, to put some of those designs into the market. Voila! Billions of dollars

  • Happy 100th Birthday, Chevrolet

    During America’s rapidly growing industrial revolution, optimism was pervasive in the land of plenty. People of all nationalities flocked to the United States looking for fame and fortune in the land of opportunity. At a time when there were over 250 automobile companies in America, a Swiss-born engineer and auto racer named Louis Chevrolet teamed

  • On The Road Review: Kia Optima

    Thirty-five. That’s the new number for miles per gallon for the midsize sedan class, thirty-five. If you can’t achieve 35 miles per gallon on the EPA mileage cycle, you will be an also-ran in a segment starting to press the boundaries of what we can expect for future fuel efficiency. As the entrants in this

  • On The Road Review: Hyundai Sonata Hybrid

    Hybrid powered cars — vehicles combining an internal combustion engine with one or more electric motors and some variation of an auxiliary battery pack — have been on sale in the United States in one form or another since 1997. Toyota’s Prius is the most recognized variation on this technological innovation — and the largest