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Tim Plouff

Tim Plouff

Columnist at The Ellsworth American
Tim Plouff has been reviewing automobiles in the pages of The Ellsworth American weekly for nearly two decades.
  • Toyota’s Scion IQ: The World’s Smallest Four-passenger Car

    Toyota’s Scion IQ: The World’s Smallest Four-passenger Car

    BOSTON — Reacting to the trends and fads in the auto industry takes several years, as product development takes longer than a committee meeting or an extended session of Congress. The proliferation of new small cars now appearing is a result of the financial collapse and rapid run-up in fuel prices from 2008-2009. One of

  • On The Road Review: Toyota Camry

    This is the newest Toyota Camry, America’s best selling sedan for 13 of the last 14 years. It looks very much the same, it uses virtually the same powertrains (except for the modified hybrid system) plus the latest Camry hasn’t changed any dimensions. Has Toyota overplayed its hand and relied too much on the Camry

  • On The Road Review: Jeep Compass

    During one of the more recent James Bond films, “Casino Royale,” 007 actor Daniel Craig reflects on the sudden admiration he feels from his female co-star — the usual ‘Bond’ girl who is essential to each film. “Where once your feelings towards me could best be described as loathing …,” Bond says, she retorts, “It’s

  • On The Road Review: Infiniti G25x

    The compact sedan segment is best known for the efficient small cars that are volume sellers for their manufacturers, cars such as last week’s Honda Civic, Toyota’s Corolla and Chevy’s hot new Cruze. At the higher end of this class — the premium branded small cars — the features abound, the handling improves and the

  • On The Road Review: Honda Civic EX

    The changing season often brings dark gray skies with forbidding weather not far behind. Darker and colder than most humans prefer, these tell-tale signs are a stark reminder of the period ahead; time with diminished activity, people staying inside, and relishing the warmer days that are promised ahead. This has also been the tale lately

  • On The Road Review: Jeep Wrangler Sahara

    “Hey, that’s a cute pumpkin you’re driving.” “Is that the new Home Depot Jeep?” “Great looking car for going hunting!” While the ‘cheap’ comments were never in short supply during the new Orange ‘Crush’ painted 2012 Jeep Wrangler’s visit, no one can argue with this defining statement: this is the best Wrangler ever, period. Paint

  • On The Road Review: Cadillac SRX

    Cadillac — General Motors’ premium automotive division — is a key part of this corporation’s future success. If GM can’t rebuild Cadillac’s reputation, and return the brand to prominence here and in other markets, then the loss of this halo effect will harm other offerings and stall future success. Thankfully for the leaders at GM,

  • On The Road Review: Mazda 5 Grand Touring Minivan

    It has already been a long day in the saddle, a work day that began in the dark fog of Brattleboro, Vt. The Green Mountain State’s foliage was still quite impressive in this southern valley along the Connecticut River, yet as I headed north and west the lush late-fall scenery was frequently disturbed by the