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Stephen Fay

Stephen Fay

Managing Editor at The Ellsworth American
Stephen Fay, managing editor of The Ellsworth American since 1996, is a third-generation Californian. Starting out as a news reporter in 1974, he has been an editor since 1976, working in Massachusetts, Connecticut and Vermont before settling in Ellsworth with his wife and two daughters. [email protected]
  • Runners burn up the road at fire department races

    Runners burn up the road at fire department races

    HANCOCK — Thirty-five runners turned out on a sultry Saturday morning for the newly revived “Lobster Classic” road races organized by the Hancock Volunteer Fire Department. Proceeds from the race will go toward the purchase of a new fire truck. Two contests — one a 5-kilometer run, the other 10.2 miles — coursed from the

  • Velveteen fathers

    Velveteen fathers

    Our younger daughter, never a miracle of organization, was less than fastidious in her search for a swimming suit. She had upended a storage tote of summer clothes, books and old toys. On the floor lay scattered T-shirts, swimming goggles, a mummified towel, one flip-flop and one upside-down copy of “The Velveteen Rabbit.” It was

  • Darlene Springer, city’s historian, dies at 64

    Darlene Springer, city’s historian, dies at 64

    ELLSWORTH — Darlene Springer, 64, the city’s go-to local historian, died Monday at home. Springer was known for her encyclopedic knowledge of the individuals, businesses and buildings that underlay the story of Ellsworth. “We’ve lost a ton of knowledge of Ellsworth,” City Council Chairman Marc Blanchette lamented. “Her grasp of Ellsworth history was legendary.” Councilor

  • Voters OK town, school budgets totaling $2 million

    Voters OK town, school budgets totaling $2 million

    OTIS — Some 20 voters turned out Saturday morning for the annual Town Meeting and elections. School Board member Robert Cote gave a detailed explanation of the school budget — the biggest money item on the warrant. That budget amounts to $1,517,831. Subtracting the state subsidy and payment of $319,044 from the neighboring town of

  • No more for us. We’re good

    No more for us. We’re good

    In Greece, it’s considered impolite to let your party guest stand around with a nearly empty glass. A proper host circulates with a carafe of retsina, pouring to the mid-line so that you don’t have too little or too much. Moderation. The Greeks invented it. Once or twice, we even tried it. Meh. But we’re

  • Faith, hope and clarity

    Faith, hope and clarity

    In his upbeat assessment of everything, “It’s Better Than it Looks,” author Gregg Easterbrook charts the four basic types of knowing. One type of knowing is certainty: The sun is 93 million miles from Earth. Another is faith: The Patriots will win the Super Bowl in 2019. A third is opinion: “Gone with the Wind”

  • Those things for which we would kill

    Those things for which we would kill

    The two leading incentives for getting in the best shape of your life are the Olympic trials and your 50th high school reunion. On our calendar, June 9 has a circle around it. Why? Here’s an important hint: The Olympic trials are not scheduled for that date. It is the date of our marital partner’s