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Maxwell Hauptman

Maxwell Hauptman

Reporter at The Ellsworth American
Maxwell Hauptman has been reporting for The Ellsworth American since 2018. He covers eastern Hancock and western Washington counties and welcomes story tips and ideas. He can be reached at [email protected]
  • New Dairy Queen opens in Ellsworth

    New Dairy Queen opens in Ellsworth

    ELLSWORTH — Exciting news abounds for local burger lovers starved for a new fast-food option. Friday marked the official grand opening for the Dairy Queen Grill & Chill, located in the Maine Coast Mall complex on High Street. “It’s been a great opening week, we’ve been slammed with customers beyond expectation,” said owner Chris Thorne.

  • PETA lodges complaint against lobster plant

    PETA lodges complaint against lobster plant

    GOULDSBORO — Consider the lobster. Or, for animal rights group PETA (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals) consider the lobster being dismembered. PETA has lodged a complaint alleging incidents of animal cruelty at a Prospect Harbor lobster processing plant. The complaint, sent to the Hancock County District Attorney’s Office and Gouldsboro Police Chief Tyler

  • Sexual harassment claims brought by wreath makers

    HARRINGTON — A group of migrant workers is alleging instances of sexual harassment by a labor contractor for the Worcester Wreath Co. Members of the group, comprised of four women and four men, say that they were subsequently fired after confronting the contractor in question and raising complaints about their treatment. Working with Mano en

  • Birch Harbor author publishes new book

    GOULDSBORO — Do you think you might need a little help following through on a New Year’s resolution? You might be in luck. Phil Grant, professor emeritus at Husson University and a resident of Birch Harbor, has published a new book on the theory of human motivation. The work is the culmination of more than

  • Minimum wage goes up to $11

    Minimum wage goes up to $11

    ELLSWORTH — Come Jan. 1, Mainers working for minimum wage will be seeing a little more cash going into their pockets each hour. Across the state, the minimum wage will be increased to $11 per hour, up from $10 in 2018. The minimum wage will increase again in 2020 to $12 per hour, at which

  • Poliquin drops election challenge

    Poliquin drops election challenge

    ELLSWORTH — With little hope for victory in his legal battle against ranked choice voting, U.S. Rep. Bruce Poliquin (R- Maine) announced on Christmas Eve that he’s dropped his challenge. Poliquin, still decrying the “rank voting black box computer algorithm,” maintained his believe that ranked choice voting was unconstitutional. But in a statement released to

  • Court of Appeals rebuffs Poliquin

    Court of Appeals rebuffs Poliquin

    ELLSWORTH — Victory in the legal system remains out of reach for Republican Rep. Bruce Poliquin. His appeal for an injunction to prevent certifying the results of the November election for Maine’s 2nd Congressional District was denied Friday afternoon by the 1st Circuit Court of Appeals in Boston. As reported in the Portland Press Herald,

  • Final cost of CD2 recount released

    Final cost of CD2 recount released

    ELLSWORTH — Rep. Bruce Poliquin’s legal challenge to the ranked choice voting process is still winding its way through a U.S. Court of Appeals, but on Thursday, Secretary of State Matt Dunlap released the total cost of the recount for Maine’s 2nd Congressional District race. The final cost of the recount was $14,560.52. Having already